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Corfe Model Village Tea Room

Corfe Model Village Tea Room, Corfe, Dorset

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Corfe Castle Model Village
Wareham Common
BH20 5EZ
01929 481234
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Corfe is a tiny little village, the best way to get there is by the steam railway from Swanage as it's hard to park, but once you are there I would highly recommend this place to you, in the very centre of corfe hidden in courtyard is this magnificent little cafe which is attached to the Corfe Castle Model Village, you don't have to go in the model village to eat in the cafe, though for the price of it is worth a visit while you are there.

From the outside it wouldn't appear that they do gluten free options, as in there is no sign pointing it out or no menu outside, but the menu on the table points out they have gluten free available, inside it's even better there is a little board with all the gluten free on, including afternoon teas, bread and shortbread. .

I couldn't decide what to have; the man behind the counter was very helpful and told me that mine would be made in a separate area from the gluten containing meals whatever I chose. I opted for the cream tea in the end, for some reason I can eat clotted cream without issue despite my dairy intolerance, the server even checked the jam for gluten when I asked him, just to be on the safe side. .

I must say their scones were beautifully soft and light, one of the best cream teas I have ever had, including non gluten free varieties, I could have eaten another one there and then! .

This is really a warm and welcoming cafe which can't seem to do enough to help, they are knowledgeable and offer a great variety, would love to go back and test drive some of their other goodies, but I know if I do end up back there I'll be having the cream tea again!

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