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Coffee Bean - Skegness, Lincolnshire

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59-61 High St, Skegness, Lincolnshire, PE25 3NX
07740 948441
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This was my first visit to Skegness, surprising considering my fiance's grandfather owns a caravan there. Eventually after three years of us being together we got the chance to stay there for a weekend, obviously I researched around first but it was hard to find anything to eat around the popular area of Ingoldmells, full of fast food outlets the only option we could really find there was McDonalds, not even a fish and chip shop could help us.

After our unsuccessful finds of food in Ingoldmells we decided to take the ten minute drive up to Skegness itself, the weather was a little off but that didn't deter us.

Gluten free tuna bap with side salad and coleslaw
Gluten free tuna bap with side salad and coleslaw
At first we headed up the high street looking for Yorkies, a cafe I have heard plenty of good reports about, we checked out the menu on the door and decided to go there, we opened the door to be told they were closing. It was approaching 2pm but we didn't think it was that late, but apparently they had early closing times. No matter, we will make sure to get there early next time we are in the area.

I had only heard of two other places, one was outside of the town and not in walking distance, the other was one I had only heard of a few days before and only head mentioned once on a Facebook group so it was hit and miss as to whether I would be able to eat there, but since we seemed to be out of options we headed back up the high street and found Coffee Bean.

The menu outside did state "Gluten Free? Just Ask" but that was all, since I
Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate
was out of options though I decided I would settle for a brew if they had nothing else.

I headed for the counter and asked the man behind if they could cater as I had Coeliac, he pulled out a sign that said they now did gluten free baps and he went on to say any of the sandwich fillings off the normal menu they could do on the gluten free bap and then pointed out that the top two shelves of the cake display were gluten free, the two on top covered separate were lemon drizzle and chocolate and then their was also a daim cake in the display.

I really fancied a hot chocolate but so many mixes aren't gluten free, so while at the counter I asked the guy if the hot chocolate was gluten free, he happily went and checked for me as he wasn't sure and came back to say it was.

The little coffee shop was quite busy but the staff were still pleasant and nothing seemed to much trouble, they all even seemed to know I'd asked for gluten free too which is always good. My hot chocolate was brought over to me by a young chap, he told me that he had put both cookies onto my fiances plate since I unfortunately couldn't have it.

Gluten free lemon drizzle cake
Gluten free lemon drizzle cake
Not long after our food arrived. The bap was nicely filled, not sparsely filled like some coffee shops, and had a lovely side salad which didn't consist of just a limp lettuce leaf and a slice of tomato but actually looked like a proper salad along with some coleslaw. Again when this arrived I was told that it usually also came with crisps but they had left them off mine as they hadn't got any gluten free ones.

We couldn't leave without sampling some cake, so I decided to try some of the lemon drizzle, and it was delicious, it might have come with aerosol cream but who am I to complain, it was lovely none the less and well worth the price of a little over 2.

Overall the cafe was fabulous, everyone was aware of contamination (except when our table was being cleared and my boyfriend crumbs accidentally dropped into my hot chocolate, but that was just an unfortunate accident rather than not understanding). We'll definitely be back that is for sure, even if it only to try a different slice of cake and have a hot chocolate (though we need to remember to take cash as there is no card machine)!

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