Coastal Cafe and Fish Bar

Coastal Cafe and Fish Bar - Moelfre, Anglesey

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Dick Evans Road, Moelfre , LL72 8HL
01248 410824

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I love a good chip shop tea but I get so bored of just fish and chips, thats when I can find somewhere I can even get gluten free fish and chips near me. I usually have to wait until I am out and about.

Well this time while out and about on Anglesey we went Coastal Cafe and Fish Bar in Moelfre, my Mum and Dad went a few months back and told me I needed to go.

I finally got there on a trip out with Mum and Dad and now know why Mum was raving out it.

Most chip shops offer just fish and chips and I do get bored of that, very few chippies offer a variety, I have found a couple but they are still rare to find, Coastal Cafe definitely have a variety though.

The menu itself doesn't say anything about gluten free but the bright yellow signs on the wall point out exactly what you can have gluten free. Fish, fish cakes, fish fingers, chicken nuggets, scampi, sausages, breakfasts (with toast),liver in gravy, gravy, curry, beans. Pretty much anything you expect in a chip shop you can get.

Gluten free onion rings
Gluten free onion rings
Scampi is something I used to eat a lot years ago but very few people offer gluten free scampi, honestly apart from Coastal Cafe, I know of exactly one other chip shop that do it and thats across the other side of the UK. Since this was the only place that offered it I decided to have that. And so did my Mum. Then I got a little over excited at the prospect of gluten free onion rings so decided I had to get some of those as well. And so did my Mum.

The lady took our order, we made sure she was aware that we needed gluten free and she casually mentioned being on a Coeliac website, I kept quiet about owning a Coeliac website myself, as I don't like people knowing who I am until after I have eaten, I don't like been treated different, plus I can only give an honest review if I remain anonymous.

Anyway the lady took our order into the back, we waited a few minutes and she came back. There wasn't enough scampi for us both, well there wasn't actually even a full portion left so she said they'd give us three pieces of scampi each and wondered if we wanted a fish cake or a fish instead, we both opted to have a battered cod this time, though it was a hard decision with all the choice!

As she went back into the kitchen we heard another 4 calls for gluten free food, obviously a popular choice for gluten free people. The food took 15, 20 minutes to come, it is all cooked fresh so it is only to be expected. The meal that came was amazing, the cod was only one of their 'small portions' but filled the width of the plate and came with a lovely portion of chips and a huge salad, and those onion rings... they were amazing! And not forgetting the three pieces of scampi, we both savoured each one!

The chips were lovely, they use Cheshire potatoes which don't brown so to some they may look uncooked but they weren't, they were perfect, lovely and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Perfect. The cod was divine, lovely and white with a gorgeous crispy batter, and I have never seen a side salad like theirs before, it wasn't just the normal iceberg and tomato, it was topped with grapes, strawberries, kiwi, peppers, cherry tomatoes, it really was lovely. Sometimes the small details like the side salad can make all the difference to a meal.

Gluten free fish, chips, scampi and salad
Gluten free fish, chips, scampi and salad
Lets talk about onion rings. They were to die for. What more can I say. I know Tesco sell free from ones, but honestly, they're not a patch on these ones. I could have eaten at least another two portions.

They did have a gluten free cake on the board but I don't think I could have found room for that even if I tried my hardest so we left that one for another day.

As we went to pay the owner started chatting to us about his gluten free, his kitchen is divided so he does gluten free completely separate, he even has a dedicated freezer for his gluten free and uses all different utensils, pots and pans. He honestly couldn't do it any better, as far as cross contamination prevention goes, he has it down to a fine art.

He was also telling us how he plans to add some more items to the gluten free range after the peak season has finished this year, he is working on a fish pie, braising steak and also planning on doing some other sausages and burgers (which he is doing with buns) bought in from a local butcher who does gluten free due to his wife being Coeliac.

There are very few chip shops that have gluten free nailed as much as this place does, I can honestly say it's probably the best chip shop I've ever been too in terms of range, value and knowledge. Plus the food is fabulous, certainly on par with countless amounts of chip shops I have eaten at round the county. When it comes to the variety and knowledge though, this one has to top them all. With the amount of Coeliacs passing through while I was there, I think that says everything, I have never seen so many people call into a chip shop for gluten free. And I think that just says everything about the place.

I can't wait to go back again, maybe when I get chance to go again he will have those fabulous sounding burgers and sausages available. I'll be back, hopefully very soon!

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