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Cello Coffee House

Cello Coffee House, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

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212 Bocking Lane
South Yorkshire
S8 7BP
0114 2377991
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I don't live in Yorkshire but I am there a lot because of my boyfriend so when I am travelling over or back to mine I try and find places I can try, that's if I'm not travelling late on at any rate. For this one I went slightly out of my way to go and try, it is around the Sheffield area but not exactly the direction I was heading, however it was worth the detour.

Sat on the corner of a street with a few shops, it looked like it could be difficult to park, we managed to squeeze on the end but if it's a particularly busy time I think it could be hard to find a space. Walking into the cafe it had a lovely, friendly atmosphere, the staff were very pleasant and the place was clean, tidy and modern.

We made our food selections for the menu which did have a good choice of options and I went to order, I asked the waiter if they did gluten free bread (even though I had read it on the menu) and they did (I had to double check), he proceeded to tell me that gluten free food is prepared in a separate area without any prompting, my next question was about cross contamination but he beat me too it.

The ham sandwiches we had were delicious and worth the money, nothing was problem including when they gave me normal milk when I forgot to ask for soya, he just kindly went and changed it for me.

We decided to have cake afterwards, presuming they did offer gluten free. All the cakes were displayed at the front and I noticed there was a chocolate one kept separate which was gluten free, both me and my boyfriend opted for that one, and it was delicious, one of the most chocolatey and moist gluten free chocolate cakes I have had.

Overall I think I will be back, even if it means a detour, when you get decent food and knowledgeable staff it is worth it.

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