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Beyond Bread - City of Westminster, London

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2 Charlotte Place, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1SB
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Beyond Bread has unfortunately closed down since the writing of this review

Recently we finally got to try Beyond Bread in London and we weren't disappointed. Beyond Bread is one of the best bakeries in the UK offering a wide variety of freshly baked products and to top it off everything is gluten free, though with how good it is you'll be questioning yourself with every bite whether it is actually gluten free!

Beyond Bread's savoury cabinet
Beyond Bread's savoury cabinet
Beyond Bread now has two bakeries in London, Fitzrovia and Islington but the one we visited was the first one that opened in the Fitzrovia district of London, not too far back from Oxford Road and Oxford Circus tube station.

It's hard not to get excited when faced with the prospect of a place where there is no need to explain yourself to every server and chef and just go to the counter and ask for something. So much so it's pretty hard to choose just what to have, when you are used to having limited choice it is so hard to choose just one option. So much so, we probably ordered more than we should have, but if I had my way, I'd have ordered more, just to try a bit of everything.

Some of Beyond Bread's cakes
Some of Beyond Bread's cakes
None of the sandwiches were plain choices, so if your palette is limited you might struggle with the sandwich selections. It looked like stock was running low when we were there, it was mid afternoon when we arrived so we're sure there was more choice earlier in the day. After much deliberation I settled on having a "Ceaser Teaser" sandwich which was a baguette filled with salad, chicken and a ceaser sauce and cheese. My belly was making growling noises just thinking about tucking into it. The guy behind the counter asked if I wanted it toasting; no risk of contamination in that toaster, of course I was having it toasted!

In the savoury cabinet was also a choice of quiches which all looked delicious and I was very tempted to have one of those too but in the end just settled on the sandwich. By the door also sat some very delicious looking fresh bread and rolls which were actually fairly reasonably priced too.

The was a lady on front of us at the till so it gave me more time to ponder over all the options, my downfall is sweet things and the delicious looking cakes were just crying "eat me". It was a hard choice to choose one, I would have had them all if I could (and probably ate the lot without a second thought),I am glad the lady was taking her time in front of me, it gave me time to reason with my brain that I didn't need them all.

Ceaser Teaser sandwich
Ceaser Teaser sandwich
By the time I got to the till I still hadn't made a decision to what cake to have so in the end it came down to whatever blurted out of my mouth first. That turned out to be "cinnamon roll", and I am glad that is what my brain chose, I have not had a cinnamon roll in years.

The lovely server told us he would bring our food over, and I'm still not sure how we fit it all on the table! Once we got it all I nearly forgot to take photos I was so eager to tuck in but I did, the sandwich was amazing it was stuffed full of delicious filling and the bread was to die for, it was hard to believe it was gluten free. It was safe to say when I'd finished I was sorely tempted to go back and get another one!

I had my cinnamon roll to tuck into though and oh my God, it was so, so good, I do miss cinnamon rolls even though they weren't something I had often, and this one was so good, it wasn't as puffed as a gluten version but nevertheless it tasted absolutely amazing.

Our sandwiches and cakes at Beyond Bread
Our sandwiches and cakes at Beyond Bread
My fiance also let me try a bit of his food, he only had a plain roll which is usually served with the soup but that was all he wanted savoury wise, and a caramel cake. The bread was so soft in the middle and crusty outside, again it was almost impossible to tell it was gluten free and the cake was so soft and tasty.

All the food we tried was gorgeous and everything else looked amazing, you wouldn't believe it was gluten free if you didn't know. On the way out we chatted to one of the guys who said many people had said they didn't believe they were totally gluten free but they definitely are. Really lovely people and so helpful.

We wish the bakery wasn't so far away from us, we'd be here all the time if we could, definitely worth a visit when in the area.

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Closed September 2019

Neil - 6th October 2019

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