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Bentley's Chip Shop - Blackpool, Lancashire

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Blackpool isn't the easiest of places to eat when on a gluten free diet, unless you want to go to the usual chains, there are a couple of options in the town but if you wanted fish and chips, a popular seaside food choice, you were hard pushed to get any in the town or on the sea front, although there are a couple up the coast in Fleetwood and in other surrounding areas.

However recently a chip shop up by the pleasure beach started offering gluten free, a perfect place really as the pleasure beach itself is certainly thin on the ground when it comes to offering gluten free in the park.

Bentleys Chips Shop Gluten Free sign
Bentleys Chips Shop Gluten Free sign
Bentleys chip shop sits just off the sea front pretty much right behind the pleasure beach and proudly displays a gluten free sign outside.

We went before the season had fully kicked in so it was fairly quiet but we imagine at busy times this gold mine gets very busy. Offering some seating as well inside it is great for rainy days as well as those gloriously hot days when you can eat your food walking along the front.

I'd already heard tales of Bentley's gluten free, but like always I have to double check with the staff as so many places don't do it properly. The staff were lovely and friendly and assured us that everything is cooked in separate fryers and they do all they can to prevent cross contamination.

We chose to eat our food in so took a seat and had a look at the menu. Like most chip shops they only offer fish and chips gluten free, but a touch we did like was that their menu is all marked with allergens to make you aware
Bentleys Chips Shop Gluten Free fish and chips
Bentleys Chips Shop Gluten Free fish and chips
or what allergens are in what. They have a little colour code system going on that marks if a product contains gluten, soya, eggs, mustard, milk, sulphites, fish or celery. Obviously this doesn't cover cross contamination but is a good start to finding what is gluten free on the menu.

Food is freshly cooked so we expected a wait since it was lunch time and there was a steady stream of people coming in and out. It did take a short while to come but when it arrived it was lovely fresh cooked food and piping hot.

The batter tasted like one of the commercially available gluten free batter mixes but I'm not complaining as it is one of the nice ones, some have a rather strange after taste but this one doesn't, it's pretty much like normal batter really. The chips were also really good but there wasn't the biggest amount, that being said it was still an ample sized portion.

The food was delicious and fresh and the friendly, knowledgeable staff make it a chip shop worthy of visit when in Blackpool. Great place to grab gluten free fish and chips from!

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Wonderful that there’s a gluten free fish an chip shop at Blackpool we are on a 3day visit from 30th of dec for new year will you be open for any of the days we there till 2nd of jan 2018 like to hear back from you love to visit for a meal

Elizabeth hooper - 17th December 2017

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