Barnacles - Llandudno, Conwy

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7 Mostyn Street, Llandudno, Conwy, LL30 2NL
01492 875336

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A lot of chip shops are now starting to realise that gluten free has become a necessity for a lot of people, on a visit to North Wales, I decided to visit a chip shop that I have heard a fair bit about from various sources. Barnacles in Llandudno boasts both a gluten free menu and a vegan menu, and compared to a lot of chip shops the menu is pretty substantial offering not only gluten free fish and chips but also sausages, gravy, cornish pasties and chicken nuggets along with gluten free cupcakes and brownies,
Barnacles gluten free menu, Llandudno, North Wales
Barnacles gluten free menu, Llandudno, North Wales
and also dairy free ice cream if the freezer was anything to go by!

Barnacles is both a restaurant and a take away, despite it being dark and cold we decided to take out and eat in the car on the promenade. If I'm honest I wasn't sure what to choose, I am used to only been able to have cod and chips from most gluten free chippies, I haven't had so much choice since going to North Sea Lane Fisheries in Cleethorpes.

After some deliberation I decided to have something a little different and opted for battered sausage and chips. The lovely lady behind the counter shouted over to the person on the fryer who requested someone else to cook the gluten free in a separate fryer over the other side of the kitchen, we then saw my special gluten free sausage make an appearance from the freezer. Normal sausages are ready cooked on the front counter but the gluten free are cooked as requested.

The wait for the food was no longer than waiting for standard orders which isn't seen in some places, some you have an extra wait whether because of the extra preparation of because they need to heat the fryer especially.

Gluten free battered Sausage and chips at Barnacles Llandudno
Gluten free battered Sausage and chips at Barnacles Llandudno
Once my gluten free food was cooked it was placed in a bowl in a separate heater at the front, and the server used all separate utensils to serve mine up, I was even asked if I wanted gluten free vinegar, so they are obviously very aware than not all Coeliacs can tolerate standard chip shop vinegar despite it being gluten free, not really liking vinegar anyway I didn't ask what they use instead but would presume it was white wine vinegar.

The food itself was well cooked and not badly priced at all, the battered sausage was delicous and upon breaking a little off and handing it to my boyfriend who had the same but the standard version he said the sausages didn't really taste much different but had a very subtle difference in flavour. To me the sausage did seem a little salter than I would have expected but the added salt on the chips probably didn't help.

Overall it was very enjoyable with a nice variety for a reasonable price, the staff were friendly and knowledgeable and it was a lovely place to end a very cold day out to Wales.

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Used to love Barnacles. Been many times. Gone downhill. Last visit 2 days ago. Fish and chips still fairly good but pricy. Ordered tango fizzy orange. Got watered down cordial with splash of soda water. Tasted rubbish and charged extortionate price for it. Won't be going Barnacles again.

Alan - 23rd July 2019

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