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Whitby's Restaurant

Whitby's Restaurant, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

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Poplar Way
S60 5TR
01709 838000
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If I'm honest, there isn't a lot around Rotherham that offers gluten free, you are better off going into Sheffield, but if you want fish and chips you are ok as there is a lovely fish and chip shop which is both a restaurant and takeaway in Catcliffe, and both parts offer gluten free fish and chips.

Compared to some other places they don't offer the widest gluten free choices, you are really basically limited to fish and chips, no sausages or fish cakes etc, but in comparison to a lot of chip shops just offering gluten free is a huge advantage.

The staff seemed pretty knowledgeable on gluten free, they had a separate fryer, not that they told us that but we could see it, there was a different person operating this fryer and every time gluten free got ordered it was him that cooked it and he didn't seem to even venture into the other area which was cooking normal fish and chips, nice bonus, helps reduce the risk of cross contamination.

There was a bit of a longer wait for the gluten free, but I don't mind that, at least I know it's being cooked fresh, and as we were waiting I noticed that normal fish and chips were prepared by the women on the main counter, they shovelled the chips in the boxes and topped with whatever other goodies were desired, but with the gluten free the filled box was handed in from the back of the server, the guy preparing the gluten free also package it.

Whitby's really seemed to know what they were doing gluten wise, they knew how to reduce cross contamination and cooked and packaged separately, however the meal was nice but unfortunately I have had better fish and chips, both normal and gluten free, the portions were a little small and on the greasy side for my liking but I will go back, it wasn't so bad that I would totally wipe it off my places to eat list!

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I went to whitbys a few weeks ago to eat in, my husband placed his order and Iplaced mine a different waiter to my order and when the meals came I had ordered a small cod but because no heavy batter was on it looked as big as my husbands..the batter was delicious and it came with my own vinegar...they really looked after us ...well worth a visit my meal was £6.95 couldn't fault it
linda thompson
18th March 2015