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The Lookout Cafe - Weymouth, Dorset

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Bowleaze Coveway, Weymouth, DT3 6PL
01305 833459
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I've visited Weymouth many times over the years, and this cafe has always been one of my favourites to go to. If I based this review on anything other than its gluten free aspect I'd be giving it 5 stars all the way, but on this occasion I just cannot do that.

The first thing you see when you walk in is the huge cake cabinet, filled with the biggest cakes you've seen... with one type missing; a gluten free one. Even if they had one plain homemade gluten free sponge I'd be a happy bunny, but no.

The place is always packed out as the view over Weymouth and Portland is an amazing one, and those people are more often than not having a slice of cake and a hot cuppa. As my parents eat their monstrous slices of chocolate fudge cake and Dorset apple cake, I just sit with my tea. Although I can't say they are completely oblivious to gluten free alternatives... right at the end of the counter full of cakes and biscuits, there is a small basket with some kind of cranberry tray bake, chocolate biscuits and some sort of cookie, none of which are homemade unfortunately.

I never ate a full meal here therefore I can't really comment on whether they are willing to adapt any of their meals, but when my mum asked the staff "do you do anything gluten free", they just indicated to their little I wouldn't hold up much hope.

But if you are in desperate need, at least they do something gluten free.

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