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The Lobster Pot

The Lobster Pot, Portland, Dorset

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Portland Bill
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I have been going on holiday to Weymouth for many years and this year was no exception. The first place we always go when we arrive is a cafe/restaurant right on the end of Portland, The Lobster Pot, which is right next to Portland Bill making it an ideal place to eat for this popular tourist attraction.

Every year, without fail I would have their homemade scones, which I believe are award winning around this area, with clotted cream and jam, so when I became gluten free I feared that this year I might not be able to have it, however a quick check of their website revealed they have gluten free scones, with no need to ring ahead or pre-order.

After a long drive I arrived at the cafe at 11am, for once the place was quiet (I'm used to it being packed), placed an order for a gluten free cream tea along with three normal ones. 5 minutes later the waitress returned with a hot gluten free scone with jam and cream on a separate plate to the normal ones (which is always a good thing!) I was expecting the taste to be a lot different to what I have come to associate with their scones, but I wasn't disappointed. They tasted almost the same as the standard scones, maybe a little thicker and not quite as fluffy, but the difference we so minimal I could barely tell.

Arriving early is always a benefit, their scones when hot are absolutely to die for, so if you decide to take advantage of their cream teas, aim early and get them hot, they are always warm, even when busy, but when fresh out of the oven, you can't beat it.

After I finished the cream tea I checked the menu out and noticed on the back it also states they do gluten free chocolate brownies too, and also have gluten free rolls and gravy so most of their menu can be adapted to gluten free, they also list soya milk and dairy free custard as dietary alternatives (which I should have looked at before as being slightly lactose intolerant I use soya milk instead of normal milk, but drank my tea black on this occasion as I didn't expect them to do soya milk).

All in all, anyone in Dorset should give this place a try; I honestly cannot recommend it enough. And on another high point, you can buy the scones to take home (and probably the brownies too!)

EDIT: I have returned to this particular cafe twice since the original posting of this review, and have had a different meal each time. First time was prawn mayo sandwiches, the waitress checked the mayo for me to find it was gluten free, and they served it on GF bread for me.

Second time was a sandwich again, but this time salmon and cream cheese to which i got 4 rounds of bread filled to the brim with salmon, followed by gluten free chocolate brownie which was absolutely devine (apparently made by Jessica's Farmhouse Cakes in Bridport). I did ask for dairy free custard to go with the brownie but they had unfortunately run out so just had it as it is. Like I already stated, I wouldn't hesitate to go back again and again.

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