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North Sea Lane Fisheries

North Sea Lane Fisheries, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

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206 North Sea Lane
DN36 4EP
01472 816269
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Apparently this chippy is one of the most popular in Cleethorpes/Grimsby, if their normal chip shop food is as good as the gluten free, I can see why! The first Monday of each month this chip shop has a gluten free menu available where they can do various types of fish, sausages, homemade fish cakes, gravy and of course chips, all done in a separate fryer with a separate heater, separate utensils and even separate salt shakers!

This is obviously a chippy that knows what they are doing, the queue was out the door when we got there as expected (we'd read online that it gets busy even on normal days), the guy cooking the gluten free food kept shouting over asking if anyone wanted gluten free, I heard at least 5 in front of us request gluten free items. All the food was cooked fresh to order in a separate fryer by just the one person, another person was at another fryer doing the normal everyday fish and chips.

Once inside the door we could see the sign on the wall with the gluten/wheat free menu, which by anyone's standard was brilliant, usually it's hard pressed to get fish and chips gluten free never mind scampi (which unfortunately they had run out of). There was also a sign saying they sold frozen gluten free products; batter haddock or plaice, fishcakes in either 6's or singles, batter, curry sauce and southern fried chicken strips, presumably theses are sold all the time out of the freezer marked "gluten free" which I could see in the back. Another sign also proudly stated they now sold unbaked frozen pies (steak, steak and kidney, mince beef and onion, chicken and leek and pork pie) in packs of two, these are made by a local producer called Morley's.

Before ordered we could see that all gluten free was done to order, even the chips, the heater over the top of the fryer had a portions worth of chips in and a cod while we were waiting and each person's was done individually and put in the heater, unlike the normal where there was stacks of fish and a mound of chips ready to go.

As we moved up the queue there was also a small sign on top of the counter saying they also did gluten free cheesecake and a gluten free carrot cake, unfortunately I couldn't try the cheesecake as I can't tolerate that amount of soft cheese, and I don't particularly like carrot cake so I had to skip the cakes.

We ordered our food then moved into another area to pay, at the counter I decided as beans were listed on the GF menu that I would have beans with my cod and chips but when I asked for them the lady advised that their beans weren't gluten free anymore only the gravy and peas were. I always like when the team is up to speed with what's gluten free and what isn't and understands the potential implications. When the food was done we got asked if we wanted salt and vinegar, not being a vinegar fan I asked for just salt, I didn't notice, but my other half said she got a separate salt shaker for the gluten free, even though salt is gluten free, it's a nice gesture and effort to have even a separate salt shaker to help prevent cross contamination. After wrapping the food up she also wrote on the top gluten free so we knew that one was mine.

Being near a beach it was only right to sit on the promenade to eat it, so we got forks from the chippy, and sat on the front to eat them, and I must say they were gorgeous, the batter was just like normal batter and the chips were lovely, when compared to my boyfriends battered sausage and chips we could see the difference in colour, my boyfriend even said it didn't taste any different after I offered him some.

Unfortunately I won't be able to get to this chippy as often as I might like with their gluten free day only being the first Monday of the month, it would be nice to see it more often or on a weekend rather than week day, but I will be here whenever I can, it is very much advised for anyone nearby to give it a try!

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