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Miss B's Tearoom

Miss B's Tearoom, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

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34A Market Pl
Melton Mowbray
LE13 1XD
01664 481625
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On my travels back up the country to my boyfriends we decided to stop in Melton Mowbray for a traditional pie for my parents, but as I'd already found there were a few places round this area that offered gluten free I thought we might as well get some lunch while we were here. Miss B's Tearoom was one that stood out while I was researching as, unlike some places, they offered a nice wide variety gluten free.

The tearoom is right next to the market and we did have to force our way through the crowds as it was a busy market day when we went, but when we got to the entrance we found a menu located by the door (always good, because sometimes, quite frankly, I cannot be bothered trawling into multiple cafes and asking if they did gluten free still), and saw the lovely words of gluten free bread available and cakes and scone available gluten free too.

We were warmly welcomed by the waitress and given a table, since we had already looked at the menu we already knew what we wanted. So I ordered a tuna mayonnaise sandwich on gluten free bread. In a moment of brain fuzz I forgot to ask if the mayo was gluten free, the answer I still don't know, but I did end up in pain that night however when I think about it I think it was more down to overdoing the dairy, not being glutened. I'm sure the waitress would have informed if the mayo wasn't as they seemed pretty clued up on what was gluten free and what wasn't.

My boyfriend also had a sandwich but a normal one, his came with crisps and mine didn't. On closer inspection the crisps appeared to be Pringles, if they were indeed Pringles, then they are not gluten free, therefore the staff must have been aware that I couldn't eat the crisps so didn't give them me. Also if I was paying attention like I think I was, the cook wiped down the surface before preparing my sandwich, nice avoidance of cross contamination there, glad to see a tearoom clued up coeliac/gluten intolerance.

The food we got was gorgeous, and we even followed up with dessert. I asked what the gluten free cake was but they had sold out unfortunately so I opted for a scone with butter (hence why I think my pain was dairy related, I can only tolerate so much!). I really love gluten free scones when I can get them, and this one was lovely and light, even my boyfriend liked it and he isn't gluten free.

Overall this was a lovely place to eat in and worth a visit, they are lovely and accommodating and offer a wide variety unlike some other places. I suggest trying to cream teas as there were definitely a lot of positive comments being relayed back for them, both gluten free varieties and normal!

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