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Magpies Cafe

Magpies Cafe, Whitby, North Yorkshire

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1 Pier Road
North Yorkshire
YO21 3PU

01947 602058
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I've been this chip shop a few times in the past before going Gluten Free, to be honest I've never been in the sit in cafe, always used the takeaway option, and this time was no different. The takeaway doesn't open until half eleven and after some information I'd read online I expected having to order and wait 2 hours before I could get my fish and chips, but either the information I'd come across was wrong or was outdated, I literally walked in asked if I could have Gluten Free fish and chips and their immediate reply was "yes, it will be about 10 minutes, cod or haddock". That was excellent news to my ears, after a 2 hour drive I was starving and didn't really want to wait 2 hours!

So, I ordered my battered cod and chips, the lady disappeared upstairs to the cafe where I was told there was a separate fryer set up especially for gluten free, and waited 10 minutes. As promised 10 minutes later I got my fish and chips, I was offered white wine vinegar as an alternative to their normal vinegar (which I refused as I don't like vinegar anyway), picked up the box and burnt my fingers they were so fresh and hot, upon tasting the batter tasted no different than normal, everything was fresh cooked, hot and delicious!

Before I entered the takeaway I noticed on the cafe board that it said "Gluten free batter available, gluten free vinegar. Mushy peas are gluten free as standard. Other Gluten free items are available on our menu", however I didn't get chance to inspect the full menu, although I would assume other items may be fish cakes and probably desserts (I have read a few reviews on TripAdvisor stating they did a variety of Gluten Free puddings).

I definitely recommend trying here if you are around the area, you really can't beat fresh fish and chips by the sea.

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According to my wife, who visited Whitby in late March 2017, this eatery is still making the GF dining experience a good one. She was very impressed with all aspects of their service and the fish 'n' chips meal. Keep up the good work!
24th March 2017
Best Fish and chips I have ever eaten, the fish pie is fantastic.

Michael Whittaker
14th May 2016