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Goathland Station

Goathland Station, Goathland, North Yorkshire

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North Yorkshire
YO22 5NF
01751 472508
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I only decided to call here as, being a Harry Potter fan, it's only right to go and stand on the station that was used as Hogsmeade in the first Harry Potter film. I was feeling a little peckish after watching the steam trains depart from Whitby and Pickering, so wandered into the cafe, first thing to catch my attention was a little basket of chocolate and fruit cakes marked as "Gluten free 50p", so that was definitely going to be my choice of snack!

I didn't have time to check the full menu but it looked like they didn't offer more than gluten free cake, although I'm sure if asked they would probably adapt jacket potatoes and salad to be gluten free if they aren't already.

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