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Fudge and Toffee Shop

Fudge and Toffee Shop, Whitby, North Yorkshire

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The Shambles Market Place
North Yorkshire
YO22 4DD
01947 600306
It was really an accident I came across this, we were just walking round Whitby and in the Shambles Market Place I noticed a handmade fudge and toffee shop and though "I really fancy some fudge", so, just to be sure I asked the pleasant lady behind the counter if it was gluten free, as these days you really can’t be sure if it is gluten free or not. She didn’t know however she went to find the owner who returned and happily told me that all the fudge, toffee and handmade stuff was gluten free except for anything that was strawberry flavoured as some of the strawberry flavoured contains gluten.

Even though I didn’t as he pointed out that any of the pre-packaged nougat or fudge did contain gluten, and in any of the average everyday sweet, as long as it was foam (i.e. foam bananas) or again strawberry flavoured as they contain gluten too.

So if you are in the area and fancy some fudge, I suggest paying a visit!

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