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Posted On: 14th December 2015
Recipe By: Alison Wheatley at

A snickerdoodle is a popular basic biscuit rolled in cinnamon, originally from Germany but now very popular in the US, they are especially popular come Christmas time when the Christmas spices, especially cinnamon grow more popular. They are a very easy to make biscuit and it's even easier to eat the lot!

This recipe is...



190g sunflower spread
200g sugar
2 eggs
300g gluten free self raising flour
2tsp cream of tartar
1tsp bicarbonate of soda

Cinnamon Sugar
3tbsp sugar
3tsp ground cinnamon

Preparation Time: 20 Mins
Cooking Time: 12 Mins

This recipe is free from...

Celery, Crustaceans, Dairy, Fish, Gluten, Lupin, Molluscs, Mustard, Peanuts, Sesame, Soya, Sulphites, Tree Nuts


1. Mix together butter, sugar and eggs in a large bowl.

2. Mix rest of the biscuit ingredients in a bowl and then add to the egg mix, beat well to create a very thick batter and chill for 10 mins.

3. Mix together cinnamon and sugar in a bowl.

4. Roll walnut sized balls of the batter in the sugar and cinnamon mix until thoroughly covered. The batter will not be holdable to create balls with, so use a spoon to drop it in the sugar, once coated you should be able to hold it.

5. Place the balls on baking tray a fair way apart as they spread. Bake for 12 mins on gas mark 4. Remove from the tray immediately and cool.

You can use margarine or butter instead of sunflower spread if you don't want them dairy free

This recipe makes 36 biscuits
Nutritional info per biscuit

Calories Carbs Fibre Fat Sugar Protein
102 14g 0g 5g 8g 1g

Calories 102
Carbs 14g
Fibre 0g
Fat 5g
Sugar 8g
Protein 1g

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