Kale and Spinach Soup

Kale and Spinach Soup - Coeliac Sanctuary


Posted On: 22nd March 2017
Recipe By: Alison Wheatley at http://www.coeliacsanctuary.co.uk

This soup is so high in vitamin C you certainly won't need to eat any oranges after it. Kale and spinach as two leafy green vegetables I love and in a soup they are super filling on cold days, add a little chilli to give it a kick and you really do have a proper naturally gluten free winter warmer.

This recipe is...



1 large potato
1 medium onion
600ml vegetable stock
1tbsp lemon juice
85g kale
60g spinach
1tsp chilli flakes

Preparation Time: 10 Mins
Cooking Time: 30 Mins

This recipe is free from...

Celery, Crustaceans, Dairy, Egg, Fish, Gluten, Lupin, Molluscs, Mustard, Peanuts, Sesame, Soya, Sulphites, Tree Nuts


1. Chop the potato and onion into 1-2cm chunks and place in a large saucepan.

2. Make up 600ml of vegetable stock and add to the pan with the potato and onion, also add in the lemon juice. Cook these root vegetables for about 20 minutes on a medium heat until beginning to soften.

3. Once the potato is starting to soften but not quite fully soft, add in the kale and cook for a further 6-8 minutes.

4. Once kale is wilted and the potato soft add in the spinach and chilli flakes and cook for a couple more minutes until the spinach has fully wilted. Season with salt and pepper.

5. Cool the soup slightly then pour into a blender and blitz for a minute or two until fairly smooth. Serve hot, or allow to go cold and freeze in portions.

This recipe makes 3 servings
Nutritional info per serving

Calories Carbs Fibre Fat Sugar Protein
102 20g 3g 1g 5g 3g

Calories 102
Carbs 20g
Fibre 3g
Fat 1g
Sugar 5g
Protein 3g

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