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Ice Cream Eton Mess - Coeliac Sanctuary

Posted On: 23rd May 2017
Recipe By: Alison Wheatley at

The traditional version of this dessert is a British classic believed to have originated from Eton College, the traditional version is naturally gluten free packed with cream, meringue and strawberries, this version is slightly twisted to use ice cream and cream with meringue, berries and cream with chocolate to finish off

This recipe is...



200g strawberries
4 mini meringue nests
2 scoops vanilla ice cream
1 flake
4 tbsp whipped cream

Preparation Time: 10 Mins
Cooking Time: 10 Mins

This recipe is free from...

Celery, Crustaceans, Fish, Gluten, Lupin, Molluscs, Mustard, Peanuts, Sesame, Soya, Sulphites, Tree Nuts


1. Chop the strawberries into chunks, place half into the bottom of two sundae glasses.

2. Crush the meringue nests, add one to the top of the strawberries in each glass.

3. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream (or use Swedish Glace Iced Dessert if you want dairy free), top with most of the remaining strawberries, reserving some for the top, and follow up with the other two meringue nests.

4. Whisk some whipping cream or double cream until stiff and add a couple of tablespoons to each dessert.

5. Crush the flake and sprinkle over the top of the cream, finish off with more chopped strawberries or a whole strawberry.

This recipe makes 2 servings
Nutritional info per serving

Calories Carbs Fibre Fat Sugar Protein
582 65g 1g 35g 61g 7g

Calories 582
Carbs 65g
Fibre 1g
Fat 35g
Sugar 61g
Protein 7g

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