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Gluten Free Jammy Dodgers

Super jammy biscuits which are both gluten free and vegan! This recipe actually uses the same biscuit mix as our iced gems, except they are bigger and filled with a gooey jam centre. They are really simple to make and would be great to make with the kids at weekends. Sure to be a hit with all the family.

Added 24th November 2015
Updated 3 weeks ago
Recipe by Alison Wheatley

This recipe is...

  • Low Fat Low Fat
  • Low Sugar Low Sugar
  • Soya Free Soya Free
  • Vegan Vegan


350g gluten free plain flour
1tsp bicarbonate of soda
Pinch salt
140g sunflower spread
100g caster sugar
2tbsp maple syrup
1tsp vanilla extract
1/2tbsp rice milk (or almond or coconut would work)
Stawberry Jam (about 1/2tbsp per biscuit)
Icing Sugar, for dusting
  • Preparation Time: 25 Mins
  • Cooking Time: 12 Mins
  • This recipe makes 14 biscuits

This recipe is free from...

Tree Nuts


1. Mix together flour, bicarb and salt. In another bowl cream, spread, sugar, maple syrup and vanilla extract.

2. Mix the flour mix into the butter mix. Once semi combined, mix together with your hands until you get a rollable dough, if the mix is too crumbly add the milk, otherwise it can be left out.

3. Roll out the dough, cut out 3 inch rounds (28 of them) and use a small icing cutter or knife to cut rounds out of the middle of half the rounds (these will become the tops).

4. Bake for 10-12 mins on gas mark 4 until cooked but not brown, allow to cool and put jam on the bottoms, top with one of the biscuit tops and sprinkle over icing sugar.

Nutritional Information (Per biscuit)

Calories Carbs Fibre Fat Sugar Protein
200 34g 0g 7g 14g 1g

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