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Fruit Scones

Traditional scones contain a good dose of sultanas and our gluten free fruit scones are no exception to that rule. Cut in half and loaded with jam and cream you have a cream tea fit for a queen (or king). Make sure to cut them a bit thicker than you would a gluten filled one as they don't rise quite as much!

Added 15th June 2017
Updated 10th November 2020
Recipe by Alison Wheatley

This recipe is...

  • Vegetarian Vegetarian


350g self raising gluten free flour
80g butter
35g caster sugar
180g sultanas
2 eggs
150ml milk
  • Preparation Time: 10 Mins
  • Cooking Time: 10 Mins
  • This recipe makes 8 scones

This recipe is free from...

Tree Nuts


1. Place the flour in a bowl and rub in the butter with your hands to get a breadcrumb consistency.

2. Stir in the sugar and sultanas then add in beaten eggs and the milk, mix well with a wooden spoon until to thick, then switch to hands to bring the dough together, it should form into a handle-able ball which is quite soft, if it is too wet to handle add a little more flour.

3. Bring the dough into a ball and wrap in clingfilm, place in the fridge for 10-15 minis so it firms up a little.

4. Once firmed, press the dough down until about 2-3cm in thickness then use a cutter, you can use any size you like but we thick around 3" or 4" cutter works best. Cut out each scone and place on a baking tray. Keep rolling the dough into balls, pushing down and cutting until all the dough is used.

5. Place the scones in an oven heated to gas mark 7, bake for 10-12 minutes until browned.

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