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Cookie and Cream Cake - Coeliac Sanctuary

Posted On: 29th July 2019
Recipe By: Alison Wheatley at

Chocolate cake with white chocolate spread and cookie frosting, amazingly gluten free and so nice. So nice this cake actually won a bake off competition at the care home my Dad is in when they had their summer fayre and it sold out in minutes! Perfect for a birthday party!

This recipe is...



200g gluten free plain flour
60g cocoa powder
1tsp baking powder
0.5tsp bicarbonate of soda
200g light brown sugar
100ml coffee
200ml buttermilk
150ml vegetable oil
1tsp vanilla extract
2 eggs
185g lightly salted butter
100g cream cheese
2 packs gluten free Oreo type biscuits
330g icing sugar
50g white chocolate spread (Asda sell this or you can use Nutella)

Preparation Time: 30 Mins
Cooking Time: 40 Mins

This recipe is free from...

Celery, Crustaceans, Fish, Gluten, Lupin, Molluscs, Mustard, Peanuts, Sesame, Soya, Sulphites, Tree Nuts


1. Place the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda and sugar in a bowl and mix together, squeeze any lumps out with your fingers.

2. In a jug combine the coffee, buttermilk, oil and vanilla. Make a well in the middle of the dry ingredients and pour in, crack in the two eggs as well.

3. Beat well with a wooden spoon or electric mixer. Grease and line two 8 inch round cake tins, pour the batter into each equally and bake in an oven preheated to gas mark 4 for 40-45 mins until firm and a skewer pushed into the middle comes out clean.

4. Remove from the oven and turn onto a cooling rack, allow to go completely cold.

5. Once the cake is cold you are ready to frost. Place 8 of the Oreo type biscuits in a food processor and blitz until crumbs.

6. Place the lightly salted butter, cream cheese and icing sugar in a bowl and cream together with a fork. Once well mixed stir through the crumbed Oreos.

7. Place one cake on a board, spread over the white chocolate spread then spread some of the cookie buttercream over the top of this then press the second sponge on top. Use a spatula to spread the rest of the buttercream evenly round the edge and on the top.

8. To finish off cut the rest of the Oreo style biscuits in half and press around the bottom and on the top.

This recipe makes 12 slices
Nutritional info per slice

Calories Carbs Fibre Fat Sugar Protein
669 79g 2g 15g 55g 7g

Calories 669
Carbs 79g
Fibre 2g
Fat 15g
Sugar 55g
Protein 7g

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