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WKD No Longer Gluten Free After Factory Move

WKD have changed production and their alcoholic drinks that were gluten free now aren't due to barley in the recipe. This change is a huge blow to drinkers at is was a safe and popular option to go for.

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WKD No Longer Gluten Free After Factory Move
Not being a drinker, I am sure you know that when it comes to alcohol I am not the limit to knowing where gluten comes in is round about this:-

  • Baileys is gluten free (as confirmed by them on multiple occasions

  • Beer contains gluten free unless you buy specific gluten free ones.

  • Cider is usually gluten free

  • Spirits are the best option - even those derived from barley are under the 20ppm threshold so classed as gluten free and safe for Coeliacs (unless you have a separate barley/wheat allergy)

  • When having soft drinks in pubs go for bottles not the pump as someone could have had a shandy meaning the nozzle could have easily been in beer before hand.

That's about me done on my alcohol knowledge. It's enough to get by when it comes to me drinking though I tell you!

However, I'm sure a lot of you guys will find it useful to know, yesterday it came to light that popular alcohol brand WKD would no longer be gluten free.

I believe WKD is vodka (correct me if I'm wrong!) and is a brand that was definitely safe for Coeliacs. The news came out though that they had moved factory and the change also seems to have meant a new recipe to one that would mean the products would no longer be gluten free.

Their customer service have stated to a few people "we have recently moved our production to a new site which uses barley within the recipe"

This is yet another wrench for Coeliacs after Costa changed their one dairy free milk which didn't have a may contain to one with a may contain just days ago too.

Old products are still floating around at the moment though so you may find some old recipe WKD bottles in supermarkets, remember to check the back as the new bottles should state allergy information on them and state the presence of barley.

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