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Warburtons Gluten Free Bread and Other Products In Lidl

Warburtons Gluten Free Bread and Other Products In Lidl

At long last Lidl has added a small free from range which is expected to become permanent which included Warburtons bread and some own range items

Added 5th March 2018
Updated 10th November 2020

In the last week Lidl have been adding some gluten free, from my understanding not all of it is permanent, only part of it.

Warburtons have struck up a partnership with Lidl and are now being permanently stocked in stores, this includes loaves, thins and baps. My local store, which I visited today, had thins and half size loaves marked at £1.40 each which is cheaper than other supermarkets. The range was also with the regular bread not separate so keep and eye out. They also had Mrs Crimbles macaroons in with the cake section.

I have seen pictures of some stores which have a gluten free section at the moment too, the store I visited in Middlewich, Cheshire, today only had the permanent Warburtons range though (which I believe is in all stores) not this range, so it doesn't appears this isn't in all stores so is more than likely temporary as a special offer.

This time the range consists of (prices given if I know them):-

Nestle Go Free Cornflakes and Rice Pops £1.75
Chocolate and Normal Digestive Biscuits 99p
Butter Cookies 99p
Gluten Free Oats
Brownie Mix
Rice Cakes
Chocolate Rice Cakes
Mrs Crimbles Macaroons (these could be permanent)

Beware they also have Nairns crackers but they are the WHEAT FREE range not GLUTEN FREE, so make sure you check as the wheat free crackers are not suitable for gluten free diets.

These lines aren't in every store so best check to see if your local has one, I'm not affiliated with Lidl so I can't tell you if your store is doing it, you will have to ask them.

It sounds like a fairly decent range and the new permanent Warburtons range is definitely a highlight, since Aldi have removed their permanent range of gluten free it's not always easy to get cheaper loaves.

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has any got recipies for a simple sponge cake with lidl new self rasing flour as ive not used flour with the xanthan gum before
Victoria Hanson
27th May 2018
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 27th May 2018

You should be able to make any standard sponge just replace the flour. Xanthan gum is just a binding agent to help ingredients stick together so it's often added alongside the flour but some blends already have it included.