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Vegan Gluten Free Cornettos and Halo Top Low Cal Ice Cream

Walls Cornetto are set to release gluten free vegan cornettos into Sainsburys in February! About time! Also find out about Halo Top which is Slimming World friendly, labelled gluten free but also has a may contain warning

Added 19th January 2018
Updated 13th December 2020

Vegan Gluten Free Cornettos and Halo Top Low Cal Ice Cream
Last February Walls launched two different speciality cones, Vegan and Gluten Free Cornettos in Italy, well some exciting news has been announced by Peta today, a Cornetto cone which is both gluten free and vegan (not two cones like in Italy) is being released in the UK next month in Sainsburys!

As far as we know there is only one flavour at the moment, from Peta's description they are a gluten free cone with soya based alternative ice cream filling with chocolate and chopped nuts. Basically a dairy free and gluten free alternative to the regular cornettos.

We don't know the exact date of the release yet, just that it is during February. Tesco have done home brand gluten and dairy free cones for a few years now and Morrisons also do a variety of cones. We hope these cornettos live up to their big brothers which aren't gluten free. We're sure they will be very popular.

On another cold ice creamy note. Halo Top have a range of ice creams which are certified gluten free and they are low calorie, we are talking 320 or less for A WHOLE TUB OF ICE CREAM. They are about the same size as a Ben and Jerrys tub too so we aren't talking exactly small tubs. To compare calorie, vanilla in Halo Top is 280 cals (473g tub) the whole tub, Haagen Daz vanilla which is only 27g more a tub is 1245 calories the tub! And for anyone on Slimming World, like me, whole tubs are 16 syns max! A WHOLE TUB!

As well as being low calorie they are low sugar, low carb and low fat as well as being high protein. Who has ever seen healthy ice cream before, or at least as healthy as you can get when it comes to ice cream!

Despite being certified gluten free they do also carry a "made in the same factory" warning, however to be labelled gluten free in the UK they must meet a lot of regulations and be tested frequently to ensure they fall under the guideline 20ppm otherwise they are not allowed to label as being gluten free, there are other products that do this and Coeliac UK deem them completely safe for Coeliacs. It all comes down to the testing and it falling below guidelines. Of course if you are extra sensitive (I know some people can't even tolerate the 20ppm even though it is deemed safe for Coeliacs) you may or may not find the made in a factory declaration a problem.

There is a range of flavours available in the Halo Top ice creams, about 7 or 8 are available in Tesco (but I went today and they had been absolutely raided and only had 2 tubs left) and the same on Ocado but not all are gluten free. There are a lot more flavours on their website but they seem to be mostly available only in the US

The flavours in Tesco/Ocado which are certified gluten free are as follows:-
Peanut Butter (320 cals a tub)
Sea Salted Caramel (320 cals a tub)
Mint Chip (320 cals a tub)
Vanilla Bean (280 cals a tub)
Chocolate (320 cals a tub)

At the moment they are half price in Tesco, but only until 29th Jan 2018. They aren't the cheapest ice cream, they are classed as a luxury brand, but if you fancy something "healthier" then it is £5 a tub (regular price), so I think it would still be classed a a treat at that price!

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