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Tesco Recall

Tesco have recalled several of their free from products due to the risk of salmonella, check to see if you have any of the products below.

Added 19th August 2015
Updated 10th November 2020

Tesco Recall
Just a few months ago, all the supermarkets and a few gluten free manufacturers had product recalls for multiple products including cakes and bread products which could contain gluten which had somehow made it's way on to the manufacturing line. Today we have seen Tesco issue a new product recall due, not to gluten, but to salmonella. Details of the effected from from product are below.

Free From Belgium Chocolate Wafers - All Date Codes
Recall Reason - Possible presence of salmonella

EDIT 20th Aug: Kelkin have just recalled their free from wafers due to possible salmonella also, details below.

Kelkin Milk Chocolate Wafers - Best Before 01/02/2016
Recall Reason - Possible presence of salmonella

If you have any, DO NOT eat them, return them to point of sale for a refund. If you have eaten any, drink plenty to keep hydrated and hope you don't get food poisoning, if you do, here is the NHS's advice.

Some Tesco's have also taken to displaying one of the signs from a few months ago regarding the undeclared presence of gluten, as far as we know this isn't an issue anymore, but just incase the sign some people have been seeing is showing these two products

Tesco Free From 2 Chocolate Brownie Muffins
Recall Reason - Undeclared gluten

Tesco Free From 4 Chocolate Flavoured Brownie Cake Bars
Recall Reason - Undeclared gluten

Like we mentioned, we think the brownie one is related to the previous gluten incident and not new at all and the only new recall is the wafers, but please take care checking dates, as far as we know all the affected batch dates have passed but feel free to check on our old blog post if you are unsure.

We will keep you updated with any other recalls and changes!

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