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Tesco Free From Scampi | Product Review

Tesco Free From Scampi | Product Review

Tesco have finally produced gluten free scampi, you have no idea how long I have waited for this! We got to try it this week and were impressed with it.

Added 30th March 2016
Updated 10th November 2020

Cost 4/5
Pretty much average, £3.50 for a free from bag and the same weight in Young's regular scampi is £3.00 (though if we are basing this on home brand we are talking double the price)

Availability 3.5/5
Unfortunately not all Tesco's have it yet and if it's anything like other gluten free products smaller stores may not get it at all, so it's rather hit and miss as to whether your local will do it or not.

Taste 5/5
Delicious, just like regular!

Appearance 5/5
Not bad, same as taste, the appearance is just like regular scampi.

Our Overall Rating 4.5/5

A Closer Look...

I was in and out of my local Tesco more frequently than I could count when I heard that Tesco we're doing gluten free scampi, once pictures started emerging of them coming in stores I was practically living by the freezer.

Finally after two weeks my Tesco Extra got them in, I didn't even check the price I just grabbed a pack and ran for the tills I was so excited.

When the price rang up I wasn't that shocked that a 220g was £3.50, remembering the scampi isn't the cheap reformed stuff, it is proper scampi like Young's which costs around £3, personally I thought it was an ok price for a change.

Deciding I was having it for tea that day, the scampi went straight in the oven when I got home, there was a good amount in the bag, a good 20 pieces or so. Each piece was nicely coated with breadcrumbs too, not a very thin coating like I got when I tried to make my own!

Once out of the oven they were lovely and golden and I still couldn't see a difference in them compared to regular scampi, they looked just as delicious, I just hoped they tasted as nice.

Absolute heaven is the only way to describe how I felt when I bit into those glorious odd shaped golden pieces, I had missed scampi so much and these tasted just how I remembered them, there was no difference in the taste at all. The crustaceans were nice and succulent in the middle and the breadcrumbs lovely and crunchy, perfect scampi. Why has it taken so long for a manufacturer to produce these!

I now have the freezer stocked up with scampi hoping that they don't decide to discontinue them after a few months, I really hope they prove popular, there is a market for gluten free scampi and hopefully Tesco will keep filling the gap!

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