Tesco Free From Profiteroles | Product Review

Tesco Free From Profiteroles | Product Review

If you miss profiteroles then you need to go out and get these new gluten free from from Tesco, they are so good, you certainly can't miss out on them!

Posted On: 6th October 2015
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Cost 5/5
At £1.50 we think they are very reasonable.

Availability 4/5
The majority of bigger Tesco's are selling them, they are still rolling out so hopefully they will appear in more than they are currently in.

Taste 5/5
Unfortunately I can't rate higher than 5, if like me you miss profiteroles or eclairs, you won't be able to get enough of these.

Appearance 5/5
Just like normal profiteroles, and if you like you can skip the chocolate sauce as it is in separate sachets.

Our Overall Rating 5/5

A Closer Look...

As soon as they were announced I wanted some, I have been wanting a chocolate eclair for so long I was determined I needed to find these as they are the closest anyone seems to have released into a free from range.

Choux pastry filled with cream and topped with chocolate these are like a piece of heaven, I am suppose to be on a diet but when I found these in a local store I had to have them, so cheap at £1.50 for a box of 16 (at least we think we didn't count!) the box suggests 4 profiteroles per servings. I think the whole box should be a serving but hey I behaved myself and actually only had 3, though it took all my effort not to go back and get more out of the freezer!

The profiteroles come without the chocolate sauce on, that is in two sachets, now when it's only one person having them it makes it awkward as two sachets is supposedly for 4 servings, in the end I managed to get half the sauce out and wrapped the sachet in cling film so I could put it back in the box for another use.

After about half hour defrosting I couldn't wait any longer, eagerly putting the sauce over my 3 profiteroles the first taste was amazing. I was half expecting the pastry to be half filled with cream but it was far from it, it was full to bursting with cream and the runny chocolate sauce with it just took me back to my days when I came out of uni straight into Greggs for an eclair. They tasted no different to the profiteroles and eclairs I always used to have that were definitely not gluten free.

After the first profiterole I made myself eat the other two slowly so I could prolong the taste and flavour, I really couldn't get enough!

In my opinion Tesco have really done themselves proud with this one, I hope they don't get discontinued due to poor sales as these are definitely a product worthy of hanging around.

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