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Tesco and Asda New Free From Products July 2017

Tesco and Asda have added some delicious new products to their free from range which includes cake bites and a variety of new gluten free breads.

Added 28th July 2017
Updated 15th December 2020

Tesco and Asda New Free From Products July 2017
At the beginning of the week some new products appeared on Tesco and Asda shelves. Unfortunately if you were hoping for more savoury, as usual you're out of luck, there is a couple of new savoury products but most is sweet, like normal! Why do supermarkets seem to think sweet stuff is what we want most of?

Starting with Tesco there has been some fab new products added to the free from range. Our favourites are the little bitesize containers, there are three different ones (though our local store only has 2 in):-

Millionaires Crispy Bites
Chocolate Brownies
Rocky Road

These containers are £2.50 each and contain a good amount of bitesize cakes, we think they are great for parties and picnics. The Millionaires Crispy Bites are pretty much the same as M&S' but the box is smaller and they have white chocolate on the top rather than milk.

Tesco have also released some new loaf cakes, these being Madeira Cake and Raspberry Coconut Cake. All these products are only gluten and wheat free not dairy free and are £2.50 each

Along with those sweet treats there are a couple of new bready products, the first is Olive Oil and Rosemary Focaccia which is gluten, wheat, milk and egg free, this is the first focaccia we can recall being in the free from aisles of any supermarket so Tesco may have hit on a winner here. Not sure how much these are because there was no price with them unfortunately.

The second is White Bagels which are also gluten, wheat, milk and egg free, again this is a potential winner for Tesco since Udi's went into administration and Genius bagels have become as hard to get as hens teeth.

We also noticed that Scampi has returned to Tesco's free from freezer, this seems to come and go quicker than the British summer, maybe this time it will stay in for longer than a few weeks before being discontinued for, I think, the 4th time.

Asda have also had some nice new products added this week, strangely, some are highly reminiscent of the new stuff in Tesco, so much so I do wonder if they use the same manufacturer.

Like Tesco they have introduced mini bites in similar small containers, one is Salted Caramel Mini Bites which look suspiciously like Tesco's and M&S's Millionaires ones, the other is different and this one is flapjack, both are only gluten free and the flapjack is obviously only suitable if you are ok with oats.

Along with those they also have new Raspberry and Coconut Flapjack Slices (strange how Tesco have introduced a Raspberry Coconut Cake we think), these are free from gluten, wheat, dairy and egg but again do contain oats like the flapjack.

The other new cake they have added to their lines are Red Velvet Cupcakes at £3, if these are like the red velvet cake they did at Christmas they will be delicious, these are only free from gluten, not dairy or egg.

The last new products we found in our Asda were Rice Noodle Pots, these are all gluten, wheat and dairy free and available in three varieties:

Fiery Chilli
Singapore Curry
Chow Mein

These were all £1.50 and would make a great quick meal in work.

We do believe some Asdas are also stocking a new Schar product, Chocolate Shorts which are gluten free (not dairy free), these look delicious but we are yet to get our hands on them!

If you have a sweet tooth make sure to try some of these new sugary products, if not get moaning that you want more savoury (while trying the new bagels, focaccia and noodle pots) which is still lacking a bit. There really are some great new products in these releases though, some things we haven't seen before so we hope they keep growing and growing to keep the range nice and broad.

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