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Schar Gluten Free Products In Home Bargains

A range of gluten free lines have been added in Home Bargains which includes a host of Schar products for very reasonable prices, including bread and biscuits.

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Schar Gluten Free Products In Home Bargains
Over the last week Home Bargains have been taking delivery of some gluten free goodies! They haven't got a lot but it sure is a start for a company that have never really done much gluten free, except when certain items have become discontinued and ended up in there (like when Nutribix changed their name to Nutribrex and last month some Too Good Too Be pies found their way into selected stores).

Most of the new products are from Schar with the exception of pasta. One of the Schar products is actually unavailable anywhere else (apart from maybe independent shops) so it is nice to get hold of a product that most people wouldn't have had before.

The Schar products in Home Bargains are:
Pan Rustico Bread £1.69
Pan Blanco Bread £1.69
Ciabattas £1.69
Snackers Crackers £1.19
Pretzels 98p

Some stores, I don't know if all, also have pasta at 95p a bag, not sure on the brand of that one though. As far as I am away the majority of Home Bargains are stocking the Schar products.

The products are also a little cheaper here than supermarkets, the ciabattas are usually £2 in supermarkets and Snackers are £1.50 in Morrisons, not huge savings but still lower.

As for where in store to find them, your guess could be as good as mine, in my local store (Crewe) they are scattered all around, bread with the bread, Snackers and Pretzels with crackers and I couldn't find the pasta at all. However depending how good your store manager is they may have created a little free from section, my best friend is store manager of the Llangollen store and I know for a fact she spent yesterday putting free from products together so you will find the new Schar stuff, pasta and other free from together (not all is gluten free, sugar free is also in there too) which makes it so much easier to find.

Kat, my store manager best friend, also said they don't know if this line is permanent, they are always being asked for gluten free and a lot of customers were happy when it made an appearance in the last few days, however the staff never know if these new lines are going to be there for the long run. I would suggest if you want them to stay, make sure you buy, the less they sell the less likely it will be kept, express to Home Bargains your feelings about the range, the more info they can go off the more likely these ranges will stay in stores!

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