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Sainsbury's Doncaster Coeliac Event

Sainsbury's Doncaster Coeliac Event

Sainsburys in Edenthorpe are holding a Coeliac event on 13th July 2016 where they are tasting some of their fab gluten free range.

Added 7th July 2016

Next Wednesday (13th July), Sainsburys in Edenthorpe, Doncaster are holding a Coeliac event. They are inviting anyone who wishes to attend to an evening of tasting their new products which are available on the shop floor.

In recent weeks Sainsburys have increased their product range to include lots of new products and improved packaging on lots of other popular free from products. New products include cornflake crispies bites, cherry and almond slices, flapjacks, ginger cookies, fruit cake slices, zoo celebration cake, some delicious goodies we hope will be tried at the event.

Not only are the doing tasters on the shop floor but the customer cafe is also going to be offering a variety gluten free food. Including the standard chips and jacket potatoes they also offer bread and soup and other goodies on a daily basis so the Coeliac event will be doing all these allowing Coeliacs to see exactly what Sainsburys have to offer in the cafe.

We are sure this event will give a great insight into what Sainsburys have to offer all over their stores from shop floor to cafe. If you wish to attend please phone the customer service desk on 01302 880462 and they will save you tickets for the evening.

Your Comments

Enjoyed your coeliac event was really nice to try your new range all which were very nice. I don't usually shop in your store only because it is out of my way but I heard about your event from a Facebook group and thought I would attend and I am really glad I did I bought quite a few things and will be shopping in your store from now on as your range is really good. Look forward to the next event. Thank you again. A very happy new customer.
Tina buxton
13th July 2016
Is there any chance they could hold one of these events in South Wales (Cardiff or Bridgend)? I hope this can happen as like Saintsbury's gf food
G Breffit
8th July 2016
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 8th July 2016

Hi, it may be worth asking in your Sainsbury's, this branch have organised this event off their own back so would be worth asking in store to see if you local can do something similar.