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Product Recall: Quorn Gluten Free Burgers

It's never good when a product gets recalled, this time seems the recall of Quorn gluten free vegetarian burgers which somehow ended up in the wrong boxes.

Added 26th July 2018

Product Recall: Quorn Gluten Free Burgers
Quorn have recalled their gluten free burger two packs due to gluten containing burgers being put in the wrong boxes.

In this day and age I'm not sure how these companies can let this kind of mistake happen but unfortunately it does happen. Somehow gluten containing burgers have ended up in gluten free boxes.

The pack you need to look for is a 2 pack of burgers with batch code 708049 and a best before date of 30 Nov 19.

According to, no other Quorn products are affected or any other batch of these burgers. If you have an affected batch take it to point of sale for a refund.

These affected burgers contain over the safe limit for Coeliacs, they ARE NOT gluten free, they are in the wrong packaging. No other batch of the burgers are affected. Get checking your burger supply in case you have an affected product.

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