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Places To Get Gluten Free Essentials Online

At the moment it is so hard to get gluten free essentials in the shops, with Coronavirus panic buyers wiping the shelves and stores not being able to stock up fast enough. we've put together some places you can get gluten free pasta, flour, bread etc online so you can keep eating!

Added 1st April 2020

Updated 10th November 2020

Places To Get Gluten Free Essentials Online
I know how difficult is it to get hold of gluten free products at the moment. The supermarkets are still struggling with the COVID 19, coronavirus panic buyers and are waiting for stock. I have been hearing reports that some stock isn't reaching the supermarkets too, with certain gluten free items being deems "unessential" so not being delivered, this does seem to be more on frozen products though.

With the delays I know a lot of Coeliacs are struggling to get bread, pasta and flour, the main store cupboard essentials, from supermarkets. Flour does seem to be intermittently making it back on the shelves, but with stores only stocking so many units they are selling out pretty fast.

So, with so many delays there are some places to resort to online although there are a lot of online retailers that have stopped taking orders too. Some places are doing special offers to help get you the essentials, while other places are just continuing on as long as they can. The bakeries listed are struggling with backlogs of orders and delayed shipping so beware they cannot guarantee when you will get your delivery.

Info was correct at time of writing on 1st April 2020, information could change!

Doves Farm
Doves have switched all sales off in their shop APART from a gluten free food box. This box costs £25 and contains staples, you can order one box per house per week. In this box you are getting, 2 bags of flour, 3 packs cereal, 2 packs pasta/spaghetti, 2 packs oat bars and 1 pack gluten free mix. At the moment orders for the boxes are being delivered in around 48 hours.

Muscle Foods
If you are struggling to get meats such as chicken, give Muscle Foods a go. You can get various chicken, gammon, lean beef and steak, burgers and sausages (check out the gluten free meat section). Plus they sell other products such as gluten free pizzas, packet rice and noodles and some other store cupboard staples.

Glebe Farm Foods
Glebe Farm Foods are one of a few that have gluten free flour in stock. They are delivering by courier or if you are local to Huntingdon they are still letting you collect (take your own bags). Glebe Farm do a selection of breads, oats, granola and flour (I believe you have to order a minimum of 6 bags of flour) and all seem to be in stock at the moment. They also do gluten free oat milk if you like that too.

Wheat Free Bakery
Already a very popular place to order bread, cake and doughnuts from, Wheat Free Bakery is completely gluten free and are taking orders, beware they are backlogged and orders are taking up to a week to be be dispatched and are being sent on a first come first serve basis. If you don't mind waiting though they have loads of different items they can make to order, some items have been taken off but a lot is still available

Wildcraft Bakery
This bakery never used to deliver but now they do! If you are local to Leeds they are doing local deliveries but are also sending out via courier to Mainland UK. Hit up Wildcraft Bakery" if you want some amazing different bread, such as teff, whoopie pies or doughnut holes!

If you need pasta, Barkat still has some in stock though they seem to be running low, they do have breads and some other gluten free products in stock too. Delivery is up to 5 days at the moment.

Just Natural
Another option for pasta is Just Natural, as well as gluten free pasta in stock, there is a variety of gluten free flours, they also have the likes of lentils, seeds and dates, some Mrs Crimbles mixes and also some storecupboard staples. They are delivering by DPD and Royal Mail but can't guarantee a shipping date.

Davina Steel
If you don't mind a packet mix, Davina Steel has gluten free bread, foccacia, pizza and scone kits for sale on her website. These are lovely kits and could be great to make with the kids too!

You can grab a selection of different packet mixes from waffles and crepes to yorkshire puds over on Isabels Free From website, the bundles have a discount on already but the page also states if it is you first order you can get 15% off (code at the top of there website)

Goodness Grains
This one is an Irish website but are shipping to the UK. Goodness Grains do breads, cakes, bagels and even subscription boxes. It appears they have everything in stock too so could be a good alternative to supermarkets.

Delcious Alchemy
Another good one for packet mixes, the only thing that seems to be out of stock is white bread mix. They do have brown bread mix and cakes as well as oats and muesli. I use Delicious Alchemy mixes a lot. They are only selling products in bulk (box of 5 oats/muesli/bread mix, 4 packs cake mixes) but they are really good prices and having a few of each can't be a bad thing!

I hope these places help some people out and you can get some of the store cupboard staples, if you know of anywhere else to add, drop a comment!

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