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Nine 100% Gluten Free Places You Need To Try In London

Finding places to eat can be tricking, it's hard to judge if somewhere is going to be safe to eat, with completely gluten free places though you can be 100% sure they are contamination free. There is so many completely gluten free places in London, these are just a few of them.

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Added 6th March 2019

Updated 10th November 2020

Nine 100% Gluten Free Places You Need To Try In London
You know what I love? Walking into a restaurant and not having to ask what can be made gluten free, how they prevent cross contamination or even if they understand what gluten is.

There are so many 100% gluten free places popping up all over the country, and walking into any of these places as a Coeliac is pure delight, when you don't have to even say "is that gluten free" or mention Coeliac, you can order ANYTHING without saying anything other than "I'll have the fish and chips followed by a huge slice of that cheesecake thanks".

London seems to be in a whole other league with 100% gluten free eateries with bakeries, Italians, places for afternoon tea, cafes and restaurants which are all 100% gluten free. In our where to eat guide in London we have no fewer than 14 100% gluten free places listed and for all over the UK we have at least 30 in total and I'm sure they aren't the only completely gluten free places, just the ones we have been told about.

We have chose 9 of the 100% gluten free places in London for this list, they are ones we get told about multiple times a day and some we have also visited ourselves and loved. Take a look at just a few places you can eat 100% safely in England's capital!

Cookies and Scream -
130 Holloway Rd, Highbury East, London N7 8JE
I remember when I visited London for only the second time but the first time as a Coeliac and the one place I was determined to try was Cookies and Scream as it was completely gluten free. At the time it resided in Camden Market, and the Northern tube line was closed so we decided to walk down the river to the market, it took us forever but we made it eventually (it has since relocated due to a fire in the premises above their's)

I remember leaving with an arm load of cake, cookies and a vegan shake and ate pretty much all of it walking round the market, it was fabulous! Despite the location change this hasn't changed though, it still remains completely gluten free and vegan so make sure to go and give it a try, especially their shakes!

Niche -
197-199 Rosebery Ave, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 4TJ
Niche was London's first 100% gluten free restaurant to be accredited by Coeliac UK, not only do they do gluten free but they also do a range of dairy free and vegan dishes as well. So many people rave about this place to me and I really do need to get my butt there at some point.

Their menu has a wonderful range of dishes and with them all being gluten free there is of course no need to worry about contamination. We hear so many people recommending their fried chicken, apparently just like KFC but gluten free.

Leggero -
64 Old Compton Street, London, W1D 4UQ
What could be better than a fully gluten free Italian, knowing you can have whatever pasta you want with no contamination risk is pretty much a dream come true. If you love Italian food, Leggero is an absolute must if you are in London.

With a menu made up of truly proper Italian dishes from a trio of bruschetta as a starter to ravioli and tagliatelle you are spoilt for choice, whats more all the allergens are listed on the menu so if you have other allergies they are all wrote down for you so you know exactly what allergens are in each dish which makes it so much easier if you have multiple allergies to content with. Just remember gluten isn't mentioned on the allergens as everything is free from that!

Indigo at One Aldwych -
1 Aldwych, London, WC2B 4BZ
This place is continuously being recommended to me to go for afternoon tea, as well as being completely gluten free the entire menu is also dairy free so it's great for those with a dairy intolerance as well as Coeliac.

They have an amazing a la carte menu with so many delicious sounding dishes including fish and chips, it's not often you can order fish and chips safe in the knowledge it is 100% gluten free and contamination free. And the afternoon tea is apparently one of the best in London so that's always an added bonus, what could be better than being able to indulge in a completely gluten and dairy free afternoon tea?!

Beyond Bread -
2 Charlotte Pl, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1SB
Who doesn't like a fully gluten free bakery, I know everytime I have been near this place it's like something pulls me towards it and I have no choice but to go in!

OK, they aren't the cheapest but the food is so good, there is so many bread options that you can buy to take home, but they also do sandwiches and toasties so you can grab a quick lunch and you could always follow that sandwich up with a slice of cake, cheesecake or cookies. So good as a treat!

Yorica -
130 Wardour St, Soho, London, W1F 8ZN
Last time I went Yorica I gave myself belly ache...I ate far to much! Yorica is an ice cream and pancakes/waffle parlour, however it is completely gluten, dairy and nut free.

They have a huge selection of dairy free ice creams and they do they best gluten free waffles to go with them, and the toppings, the selection is incredible, biscuits, sweets, marshmallows. It is truly an amazing place, if you didn't know it was entirely gluten and dairy free you really wouldn't guess. Try not to do what I did and order waffles and ice cream followed by a shake...totally stuffed and still wanted to go back and sample more of what was on offer.

Pearl and Groove Bakery -
341 Portobello Rd, London, W10 5SA
If you are over in Notting Hill, this bakery is worth a try, it is another 100% gluten free one, there sure is a few in London! They have a fab little menu which is mostly cakes but you can grab some great little savoury dishes too.

Not only do the have a cafe they also do cakes to order so if you need one for a special occasion it is certainly a bakery to head to if you want to make sure you get a cake that's contamination free, it always puts a smile on a special persons face if you get a special occasion gluten free cake they know can be eaten safely.

Station 26 -
Unit 26, Brixton Village Market, SW9 8PR
This little gem in London has a menu that is full of flavour and also healthy and of course it is completely gluten free, the food served is also fusion, so you get a good mix of all kinds of cuisines in there.

The menu offers all sorts from brunch to duck pancakes (I honestly don't know anywhere else that offers gluten free duck pancakes!), salads, burgers and desserts. Some of the items are the menu are ones you rarely see offered gluten free, so to see them in a totally gluten free restaurant is amazing.

Ardiciocca -
461-465 North End Rd, Fulham, London, SW6 1NZ
Considering Italian food is pizza and pasta based you wouldn't expect one Italian to be 100% gluten free let alone two, and no doubt if we have two on this list there is more than that out there whether in London or outside of the capital!

All the ingredients used at Ardiciocca are naturally gluten free making the restaurant 100% gluten free. Whether pizza, pasta or gnocchi is your thing it is all on the menu, all made with completely natural ingredients and gluten free grains! Another place you will truly be spoilt for choice.

With so many places that are completely gluten free you are going to be spoilt for choice in London. Not only are there the completely GF places there are also a whole host of places that can cater that aren't completely gluten free, check out our where to eat guide for London to find more! If you know of any places not listed in our guide, let us know!

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