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New Tesco Free From Gluten Free Products May 2021

Coeliac Awareness Week usually sees a lot of new gluten free products hit the shelves, this year Tesco have released a fair few new items, some intriguing, some not so much. Watch out in Tesco stores near you for these popping up.

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Added 11th May 2021

New Tesco Free From Gluten Free Products May 2021
May usually means new gluten free products hitting the shelves as well as it being Coeliac Awareness week. There haven't been a lot of new products released this year as of yet (lets hope that changes!) but some Tesco stores have seen a few new free from products appearing.

To be honest there is a few items to be excited about but the one that seems to be getting most attention is leaving me a little...confused. The one I am seeing everyone talk about is Bacon Rasher crisps and really can't figure out the excitement as Asda's and Sainsburys regular Bacon Rasher (or own brand of Frazzles) crisps are gluten free as standard not in the free from range. Asda's bag is also 150g the same as the new Tesco Free From one and costs one third of the price, so I am definitely not excited about this release unlike so many people on social media. As we see happen all the time, it seems to be a game of making something that is gluten free anyway into a free from product and ramping up the price, same as with ketchup.

Bacon Rashers are not doing it for me however I am excited to see that Tesco have fetched their Bourbon Creams back and a lot of stores also seem to be stocking gluten free onion rings again in the freezer too, so these are something worth looking out for!

There are some nice looking products on the list of new things, here is the list of new products gone into Tesco stores:-

Free From Bacon Rasher Crisps
Free From Chocolate Coated Honeycomb
Free From Breadcrumbs
Free From Oaty Bakes
Free From Flapjack Bites
Free From Surprise Cupcake Kit
Free From Lemon Drizzle Cake Kit
Free From Cheese Twists
Free From 4 Pack Chocolate Cupcakes

I am intrigued by the cupcake kits it is something we don't see very often in free from ranges, the surprise cupcake kit is definitely a new one on me but my store haven't yet get it in stock so I can't see what it's like but definitely sounds like a good birthday treat!

I am also very excited by the cheese twists, we have seen sweet gluten free pastries like chocolate twists pop up before but I don't recall cheese twists being available in supermarkets so these I am sure would be great for a savoury tooth!

If you are dairy free as well as gluten free the chocolate coated honeycomb may definitely be a winner but like the bacon rashers if you are just Coeliac then go for a good old Crunchie which are gluten free and cheaper, if you need dairy free though its a different matter.

Overall I am it and miss with this release, some look ok others not so much but I am happy just to see new things popping up again.

Have you seen any other new products pop up in Tesco? Let us know what you have found!

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