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New Layout For Morrisons Free From

A Morrisons store in London is showcasing a proposed new layout for the free from section, where everything is together, ambient, fridge and freezer products.

Added 17th May 2016
Updated 10th November 2020

New Layout For Morrisons Free From
Morrisons are currently trialling a new Free From section concept in a new store in Colindale, North London, the store which has only been open a couple of months is state of the art and is being used to showcase a brand new version of their "Market Street".

Back when the store opened Feel Free announced that eight of their frozen products were going on sale in this concept store and now they are taking heed of something many free fromers have long since moaned about; they have put all free from products together, this means that the freezer, fridge and shelved products are now in one section,rather than having to wander all round the store in search off all the various free from parts.

Morrisons used to be way behind in the free from supermarket ways but since the new CEO has taken over (who has been rumoured to be a Coeliac) they have improved greatly, first off by increasing their range substantially to match Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys, it not even overtaking them, plus adding in a free from fridge, something no other supermarket offers, and now they are doing this concept, they truly are taking heed and simplifying how free from buying works. Maybe the other supermarkets will follow suit.

The new concept it expected to roll out to all stores across the country, be we imagine this will take a while to be put into action, as well as rolling this out, they are also plans to look at new lines including fresh baked bread cooked in the same manor as Tesco already make it, where it is baked sealed in it's own bag to prevent cross contamination

We can't wait for this new concept to roll into all stores, essentially you could be shopping in one aisle...but don't forget the stuff you can buy down the regular aisles which are gluten free as standard anyway!

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