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New gluten free products in shops, including KitKat Easter Eggs

New gluten free products are starting to drop onto shop shelves, including a new gluten free KitKat, Freely Scrumptious boxes and new vegan products from Mars

Added 3 weeks ago
Updated 4 days ago

New gluten free products in shops, including KitKat Easter Eggs
We’re just a few days into 2021 and we’ve already got a handful of new products appearing on the shelves in shops, including products from Nestle and Freely Scrumptious, plus a couple more in the pipeline from Mars.

The first new product is from Nestle, and it continues on from their trend of holiday special KitKats, last Easter Nestle launched gluten free Easter Bunnies, and then for Christmas they released gluten free Santa’s, this year for Easter Nestle have upped their game and have released KitKat mini eggs, which like the Easter Bunnies and Santa’s from last year are gluten free. They are little solid chocolate eggs with crunchy wafer pieces in the middle, and if they’re anything like last Easter, they will be easily available in most shops and supermarkets.

Next is a product I spotted in our local Home Bargains are from a brand called Freely Scrumptious, which are a series of biscuits, these are also marked as vegan, and in the shop I was in they had flapjack slices, caramel tiffin, and chocolate and raspberry, as well as being gluten free they are also free from milk and egg, and are priced at £1.49 a box. Now these are not strictly new, as soon as I saw them they reminded me of Lazy Days products, and the address on the box is the same Lazy Days, so they look to be just Lazy Days products but rebranded to be sold in Home Bargains.

The final new products I’ve seen is one that isn’t out yet, but hopefully will be soon, and these are from Mars, who have announced that they are launching two new vegan chocolate bars, which will also be gluten free, the first is a Topic bar, something I used to love, so I can’t wait to get my hands on these, and the other is Bounty, here in the UK Bounty bars are already gluten free, but the main selling point of these new products are that they are both vegan.

Hopefully this is the start of things to come and more new gluten free goodies start trickling in, most of the new products mentioned here are also vegan, so no doubt they are being released as part of Veganuary, so we may get more as part of the Veganuary promotion, and all of these new products are sweet, I do think it would be nice to get some more savoury options, as a lot of gluten free products tend to be on the sweet side.

What do you think, are you excited to get your hands on some of these products, and what else do you hope to see in the future?

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