New Gluten Free Products in Asda July 2018

New Gluten Free Products in Asda July 2018

Asda have added lots of new lines to their free from range once again, including some amazing never before seen the UK products from Schar, it is really great to see some very different products hitting shelves for a change!
Schar Gluten Free Tempties
Schar Tempties (like Ferrero Rochers)

This week Asda have put in lots of new items into their free from range including a whole host of Schar gluten free products which have never been available in the UK before.

I started getting suspicious last week when my local Asda's free from section grew by two bays however there was a lot of empty spaces on the shelves, so it was kind of obvious new things were rattling around somewhere.

Come Monday (16th July),new things started to appear and by the end of the week there were very few empty slots and lots of exciting new products on the shelves.

Most of the new stuff is from popular brand Schar who have a considerably larger range available in Spain than over here, however it seems they are bringing some of those products over to the UK finally! Anyone remember chocolate dippers, you know the chocolate pot with bread sticks? Well Schar have a gluten free version which has never been available here...until now!

Cobra Gluten Free Beer
Cobra Gluten Free Beer
Not all stores have all the new products but it does seem that most stores are getting them in, if you have a smaller store though you may fine some of the new Schar stuff isn't there, Asda are pretty good at finding if items are in stock at your local though so might be worth asking them to check via social media if you are a fair distance away.

This is a list of the new items I know about but not saying this is the full list as they still seem to be adding new products and some stores have more than others, I have including price where I know them.

Asda Free From Gravy Granules (Chicken and regular) (£1.20)
Asda Free From Kids Pasta Shapes (73p)
Asda Free From Llama Biscuit Kit (£1.99)
Asda Free From Pizza Kit
Asda Free Free From Pesto (Red and Green varieties) (free from milk, egg, wheat and gluten and is vegan £1.49)
Cobra Gluten Free Premium Beer (£5.75)
Creative Nature Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix (Top 14 allergen free) (£3.65)
Creative Nature Wholegrain Banana Bread Mix (Top 14 allergen free) (£3.65)
Asda Free From Llama Biscuit Kit
Asda Free From Llama Biscuit Kit
Genius Gluten Free Part Baked Baguette
Ilumi For Kids Gluten Free Mild Beef Chilli and Rice Meal (£1.99)
Ilumi For Kids Gluten Free Mini Beef Meatballs Meals (£1.99)
Ilumi For Kids Gluten Free Vegetable Risotto Meal (£1.99)
La Gnoccheria Gluten Free Gnocchi (£1.65)
Perkier Gluten Free Oaty Quinoa Porridge (Original and Cranberry & Chia) (£1.25)
Schar Gluten Free Breakfast Bakes (£1.50)
Schar Gluten Free Cereal Flakes (£2.99)
Schar Gluten Free Dippers
Schar Gluten Free Fruit Bar ((these are like fig rolls but longer) £1.90)
Schar Gluten Free Melto (like Kinder Bueno) £1)
Schar Gluten Free Mini C's Cheese Biscuits (£2.99)
Schar Gluten Free Salta Crackers ((like ritz crackers) £2.30)
Schar Gluten Free Tempties ((like ferrero rocher but a box of 3) £2.50)
Schar Waffles
Warburtons Free From Round Beetroot Wraps
Warburtons Free From Round Wraps

EDIT: Few more that seem to have appeared in limited stores but looks like they will be rolling into others
Asda Free From Cheeky Monkey Cupcakes
Asda Free From Unicorn Cupcakes
Asda Free From Angel Slices
Asda Free From Animal Biscuits

There are so many delicious new products that have never been seen before, I love the new Schar Tempties which are as close to Ferrero Rocher we have ever seen (they are even in little gold wrappers) and "Kinder Bueno" reminiscent Meltos are to die for. All we need now are gluten free Malteasers to be a thing! I really do love the look of some of these new products which have hit the shelves and can't wait to try them all.

Schar have also said they have another big announcement coming this monday (23rd July) so keep and eye out for that one, with so many new products hitting Asda who knows what is next in store!

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Hi it's a shame you can't send samples of the new range of products you have got.
Lisa marie summerfield.

Lisa marie summerfield - 21st July 2018
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 21st July 2018

Hi Lisa, Asda have never sent samples like most big stores, you'd have to contact to manufacturers.

This is all very exciting stuff! Must pay Asda a visit asap! Thanks for the tip off!x

Mrs Eileen Larkin - 27th July 2018

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