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New Gluten Free Products and a Few Surprising Finds in Sainsburys

April always seens new gluten free products arrive and Sainsburys have added some fab new products to their gluten free, most of which aren't actually in the free from section.

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Added 11th April 2018

Updated 10th November 2020

New Gluten Free Products and a Few Surprising Finds in Sainsburys
Sainsburys have some fab new stuff in, I don't get much opportunity to go to the bigger store we have round here so some of these may have been available for a while, but I've not seen them, there are definitely some fab new things though.

The main new product that is in is bread by Promise Gluten Free, suspiciously purebred has disappeared off their shelves and this Promise brand with the same type logo and colour packaging has appeared so I would assume they are a subsidiary of purebred bakery however they are some new types of bread I've not seen before in the range.

White Sandwich Rolls £1.50
Brioche Loaf £2.40
Brioche Chocolate Chip Rolls £1.50
Seeded Sandwich Rolls £1.50
Seeded Loaf £2.40
Chia Loaf £2.40

I have already tried both the brioche loaf and the seeded loaf, they are very soft and squishy like proper bread and the brioche one isn't over poweringly sweet like some normal brioches. I think the added advantage to these is they are high fibre which you don't get in a lot of gluten free breads.

Another new thing which has been in some stores for a while are a new range of sausages, Love Meat & Veg, they are all labelled gluten free and are a range of sausages which are also packed with vegetables, maybe a good one for getting veg into the kids! They are £2.50 a pack and very delicious!

Chicken Sausages with Feta, Spinach and Peas
Pork Sausages with Kale and Butternut Squash
Pork Sausages with Kidney Beans, Sweet Potato and Smoked Paprika
Pork Sausages with Roasted Red Pepper, Sundried Tomato and Quinoa

In the fridge there are some new Vegan products too which are also gluten free, made by Follow Your Heart there are some nice condiments, at least one of which is hard to get gluten free but these are obviously dairy and egg free too so great if you can't tolerate lactose or have allergies, they are pricey but could be a great alternative to dairy/egg options.

Vegan Honey Mustard £3.25
Vegan Caesar Salad Dressing £3.25
Vegenaise £2.50

A proper Vegenaise always seems to be something you have to get from specialist shops so nice to see it in Sainsburys.

Also in the chiller I spotted another new chilled pasta make, this is is Ugo Chickpea Fusilli and also Spinach and Ricotta Tortelloni, around £3 a pack but might be something a little different. There are a few fresh pastas popping up at the moment, Sainsburys were actually the first to start selling it before but a different brand.

Sainsburys have also added some new home brand cereals to their free from range, all are £1.50 a box, they are pretty standard cereals but if you are a Sainsburys shopper then they are now on offer for you in there.

Rice Pops
Honey Loops
Choco Rice Pops

Finally check the freezers, in our store the free from has been split, savoury is with rest of the savoury frozen products and desserts have their own freezer packed with different dairy free desserts, some are old and have been available a while, but there was a couple of notable new ones.

First one is the new Vegan Cornettos which are also gluten free, these are supposed to only available in Sainsburys but I have also seen them in Tesco, in Sainsburys they are priced at £3 for a box of 4.

Another one that caught my eye was also Whole Creations Little Kings which look like they are like Feasts (but with no chocolate down the middle) or Magnums, they have a nobbly outside like feasts or reminiscent of how an Almond Magnum looks.

The other ones that jumped out were Coconut Collaborative which are dairy free lollies made from coconut milk but there is also one coated in chocolate and one in mango.

Some nice unusual finds in Sainsburys, they have always been good at getting more obscure things in store, hopefully we keep seeing more!

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