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New Gluten Free Kit Kat

How long have you wished for a gluten free Kit Kat? It is many Coeliacs desire to have this chocolate bar gluten free, this year there is a gluten free Easter bunny, it's not quite a proper Kit Kat but it's as close as we may get. And if you miss Terrys Chocolate Orange...there is a mention about an Easter product you might like at the end of this blog

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New Gluten Free Kit Kat
Christmas is over and done with, that means Easter products are coming into stores already, and with those Easter products, there is a surprise for Coeliacs.

This year amongst the Easter chocolates you may see a product you would usually go "not a chance that's going to be gluten free" and not even bother checking, make sure you check out Kit Kat's Easter is gluten free! Check the back to clarify if you wish but it even states it on the end of the ingredients! Oh and if you can't have gluten free worries there, not a gluten free oat or oat of any kind in sight on the ingredients either.

Ok, it isn't quite a proper Kit Kat, it's more like biscuit balls in chocolate but the Kit Kat flavour is there so it makes an ok substitute but let's face it, it isn't a proper Kit Kat, for something resembling them you will have to stick to the Tesco or Morrisons wafer bar. For now anyway.

The fact they have brought this Easter product out gluten free makes me wonder if there is a gluten free Kit Kat in the works, if this is labelled gluten free, they must have a gluten free factory or production line... I guess time will tell.

These Easter bunnies seem to be available in all supermarkets, co-op's, Iceland, even B&M, so my guess is they will be available in pretty much every high street store as Easter draws closer. At the moment some towns seem to be finding them easier than others, took me 6 different places before locating them in Tesco but they were the only place with Easter stuff out, once they hit more shelves in the next week I'm sure the bunnies will too.

Another little product worth a mention with Easter too is Terry's have released Chocolate Orange mini eggs, these are also gluten free unlike other Chocolate Orange products and they taste just like Chocolate Orange but with a hard shell, definitely worth getting if you miss Chocolate Oranges. Apparently these are exclusive to Tesco so head there for these beauties!

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