Marks and Spencer Withdraw Made Without Scotch Eggs Due To Presence of Gluten

Marks and Spencer Withdraw Made Without Scotch Eggs Due To Presence of Gluten

Made Without Wheat Scotch Eggs by Marks and Spencers have been withdraw due to the presence of gluten! Will we ever see scotch eggs return to the shelves after this?
It's been a while since there was a product recall but today Marks and Spencer have withdrawn their scotch eggs due to presence of gluten being found.

A lady who works at M&S has shared the poster with us which has been put up in stores to highlight the recall of the popular product.

Marks and Spencer Scotch egg recall notice
Marks and Spencer Scotch egg recall notice
The withdrawal only affects batches with a use by up to and including the 29th January 2018 and it is only the scotch eggs 2 packs which are effected.

Customers with this product with said used by dates can return the product to Marks and Spencer for a refund or exchange.

Marks found a small presence of gluten in a "small number of packs" which were tested by quality control which has lead to the withdrawal. It is more than likely only a few packs are at risk but the whole batch has to be pulled just in case.

This product is a risk to anyone with a wheat allergy or gluten intolerance/Coeliac so make sure to check you haven't got any of the affected batch before you eat them. As of yet there is no word from Food Standards Agency about the withdrawal.

No other product in the Marks and Spencer made without range are affected, and hopefully Marks and Spencer sort the issue with this line asap. This is a huge blow when it comes to such a popular product!

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