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Local and Small Gluten Free Businesses

Small and local businesses are on a decline, gluten free small businesses are being driven out by bigger competitors and supermarkets, so we want to help send some focus to smaller businesses and help drive support towards them.

Added 20th November 2018
Updated 10th November 2020

Local and Small Gluten Free Businesses
Over the last month I have seen and heard of so many smaller free from businesses collapse or close to the edge of closing their doors due to supermarkets and big name brands always overthrowing the smaller businesses.

With the growth of free from in supermarkets small brands have just been pushed to the back and don't get seen as much as they should. Many of the small companies are so much better than supermarkets but they just don't get seen or get forgotten about. And right now other means of advertising aren't helping businesses get seen, social media and search engines have both changed how they work and unfortunately it's hit small companies the hardest.

We need to support local businesses whenever we can, they might be more expensive, but more expense for better quality is usually worth it. Even if you spend that little extra on a local product just once a month it can make all the difference between a small business being open for business or closed for good.

I decided a blog would be a good idea to share some of the wonderful local companies that are around, and I plan on this blog being ever expanding as more companies ask to be added, there are companies all over the UK which do all sorts from your standard cake businesses to obscure kits, there are just so many undiscovered gluten free manufacturers out there!

We have split companies into categories however some do appear twice if they fall into multiple categories...

Baking/Handmade Cakes
Icky Sticky Cake Company
Available nationwide - order online
Manchester based company producing a variety of gluten free cakes made with local ingredients.

Happy Little Cake Company
Available Nationwide - order online. Or Available to pick up from Northamptonshire
Northamptonshire based company producing a variety of gluten free cakes. (Also does custom cakes)

Most Marvelous Baking
Snacks available nationwide online. Northamptonshire based at markets
Produces gluten free snacks and pies. Cracker snacks are available online. Pies only at markets around Northamptonshire.

Taylors of Cheshire
Cheshire based
Gluten free and vegan pies and cakes. Available from local farmers markets and food fairs.

Slab Bakery
Available nationwide - order online
Gluten, wheat and refined sugar free cakes and puddings all available to order online.

Berkson Bakes
Available nationwide - order online
A variety of gluten free cakes, tarts and bakes available to order online. (Also do custom bespoke cakes in Brighton area)

Newark Artisan Bakery
Newark based
Gluten free cafe and bakery with a variety of options available

Hels' Kitchen Postal Brownie Boxes
Available nationwide - order online
Gluten free brownies in a box straight to your door.

Bake Free
Exeter, Devon based
Locally made gluten free cakes and bakes available to order to collect and sold Exeter Cavern Cafe.

London based
Gluten free cakes and biscuits available from markets round London

Wildcraft Bakery
Leeds based
Gluten free cakes, tarts, bisuits and bread all available to order and collect from Leeds based gluten free bakery.

Packet Mixes and Recipe Kits
Available nationwide - order online
Gluten free packet mixes many of which are also dairy free

Wow Cake Company
Available nationwide - order online
Gluten free cake and brownie packet mixess.

Custom Gluten Free Cake Makers and Decorators
Happy Little Cake Company
Available to pick up from Northamptonshire
Northamptonshire based bespoke gluten free celebration cake maker. (Also does artisan cakes to order online)

Berkson Bakes
Available to pick up from Brighton, East Sussex
Gluten free custom cakes, tarts and brownies all available to collect.

Willow Cottage Kitchen
Available for pick up from Lymm, Cheshire
Bespoke allergen free celebration cakes all of which are gluten free.

The Local Bakehouse
Available to collect from
Gluten free bespoke celebration cakes made to order. (Also does cake decorating courses)

Free From Market Stalls/Shops/Online Shops
Beverley Wheat Free
Market Stall East Yorkshire
Market stall based around East and North Yorkshire selling a variety of gluten free products including Voakes pies.

Free From Pantry
Rushden, Northamptonshire based
Physical shop is closing 30th November but they will be selling a variety of gluten free products online.

Available Nationwide - order online
Coori produce a range of gluten free and dairy free products all available online from pasta to cakes and also sell other free from products.

Flour Blends
Free From Fairy
Available nationwide - order
As well as a blogger, Free From Fairy has her own flour blends which are free of gluten and also rice free too. (Also does online courses for beginners to gluten free)

Online Courses and Baking Courses
The Local Bakehouse
Bristol based
Cake decorating classes all have gluten free and vegan options. (Also does bespoke cakes)

Free From Fairy
Online course
Beginners course to living gluten free, helping guide you through the transition to gluten free. (Also sells gluten free flour blends)

Nowt Poncey
Available nationwide - order online
Coeliac friendly, vegan and low calorie sauces including pasta and pizza sauces.

Breakfasts and Cereals
Magic Porridge Pot
Available nationwide - order online
Gluten free porridge and granola pots.

Catering/Private Dining
The Superfood Curry Company
Berkhamsted, Hampshire based
Indian and Caribbean based caterers who can do private dining, high teas and private parties. Ranges can be made suitable for gluten free, nut, dairy or sugar free.

Gluten Free Gourmet
Somerset based
Specialist gluten free catering from street food to afternoon teas.

Subscription boxes
Energy Ball Recipe Kits
Available nationwide - order online
Plant based gluten free energy ball ingredient and recipe kits

Available nationwide - order online
Raw snack boxes which are completely natural, gluten free and no added sugar.

Travel Cards
Coeliac Sanctuary
Available nationwide - order online
Coeliac travel cards, wristbands, stickers and more.

If you have small gluten free business you want adding to the list, let us know!

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