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Lindt Recall Easter Eggs Due To Undeclared Barley

Product recalls are the worst, if you love Lindt products, only very few are gluten free and now even some of those have been recalled due to undeclared barley.

Added 17th March 2017
Updated 10th November 2020

Lindt Recall Easter Eggs Due To Undeclared Barley
Another day another recall. Well this was was actually a few days ago, we mentioned it on our Facebook page but thought we should write a quick blog about it too.

A couple days ago Lindt recalled two Easter eggs due to barley not being listed on the ingredients.

According to Coeliac UK, many Lindt products are not suitable for Coeliacs due to barley in the ingredients, however, there are some that are listed as fine on Coeliac UK, despite being made on the same production line and in the same factory, so therefore a cross contamination risk. Lindt Excellence Chocolate and Lindor Strawberries and Cream are two of those products that don't contain barley, however it is the Easter Egg counterparts of these products which have been recalled due to unlisted Barley.

According to Hinckley Times Lindt have stated that the products in question are not a risk to Coeliacs, however Coeliac UK have listed the products on their own recall list. Since there seems to be some conflict of info there, we'd say it isn't worth the risk of eating it, especially if you are really sensitive!

If you have either of the following products it is advised that you return them to point of sale for a refund.

Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate Extra Fine Shell Egg
Best Before October 2017, Batch Number LS7018

Lindor Strawberry and Cream Shell Egg
Best Before July 2017, Batch Number L6334

According to Lindt's FAQ for gluten on their website:- "When barley malt extract is the only gluten-containing cereal ingredient in the ingredient list, then the gluten level is below 20 mg/kg (which is "gluten-free" according to EU regulations and Codex Alimentarius)." Their website also advises that products that don't contain barley or wheat as an allergen are made on the same production line so there is no guarantee that any of their other products are totally free from gluten.

Coeliac UK do list some of their regular products as safe, but use your own discretion to decide if you are willing to eat them based on Lindt's cross contamination declaration on their website.

For other easter eggs that are gluten free according to their product info and/or Coeliac UK (Our own list doesn't list any that have may contain warnings), see our blog.

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