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Life, London and Lemons

We have been busy the last few weeks so why not have a nosy at what we got up to and what we were eating in London.

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Life, London and Lemons
I've been so busy these last few weeks with one thing or another, I've been doing a lot of work in the background on the website, the main thing I've focused on is a map pointing out everywhere I have added to places to eat, it locates all the locations I have loaded in, which in now near enough 400 places, and all the ones which have been reviewed, currently only about 12 but this should increase over the coming weeks.

So in the last few weeks, as I say I have been busy, my personal life has been hectic as well as the work on the website. Firstly I have been in search of a new job as my old one let me down, now I have found a new one which I start next week though, really looking forward to that, it will be a new start in a new place.
London Eye
Photo taken on at the top of the London Eye
Secondly I went down London for a few days, my summer holidays had a dampener put on it so my mini break to London really turned into a "let your hair down" weekend, found a lot of exciting places and did some things I never thought I would do.

I find eating out a struggle sometimes, there are so many places that can cater to Coeliac really well then other which don't. On our mini break, because we were staying in Watford rather than central London, it became such a chore to eat out the first day we were there, there was barely anything in Watford, we walked the entire centre and could only find the usual chains offering gluten free. With such a limited choice we had to opt for Nando's, first time I've been in since being gluten free, and I will admit they were amazing in dealing with it, I will review them in time so look out for that one.

In London though, that was an entirely different matter, there was so many places I wanted to try I didn't have time, and for once I was comfortable and not worrying where to eat as I knew that at least there was always a Leons close (a "fast food" chain which is healthy!) In the two days we went into the capital we tried a few different places,
Cookies and Scream, Camden
Front of Cookies and Scream in Camden Market, London
Cookies and Scream was a favourite of mine, a vegan cookie stall in Camden market where everything is also gluten free. Being lactose intolerant too this place fit me so well, even my boyfriend who is beyond fussy when it comes to food enjoyed the shakes and cookies from there. We also went to places such as WAGFree in Selfridges food hall, pain to find as it's within another bakery section, and in my opinion wasn't as nice as it could be, and the Truscott Arms which I reviewed recently, expensive but worth it. As I said just so many food places to try we didn't have time to try everywhere.

On the last day of our break we went on the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Leavesden, this is why we stayed in Watford rather than closer to London, I'd already researched into the Butterbeer and yes it is gluten free you will be glad to know, however I can't comment on the cafe as I didn't go in, we took our own packed lunch to save money. Although there is now a Starbucks in the foyer so they may have their usual very limited gluten free delights.

Our trip away made me realised how much I love to eat out, that's one reason I wanted to add reviews onto the website in the first place, to give me an excuse to go out more. I really do enjoy walking round and finding places which offer gluten free and reviewing them, both the good and bad, it makes me feel like that this bad thing that happened to me has a purpose in helping other people, and lets me travel round, something else I've always enjoyed doing.

When life gives you lemons, sometimes you just have to squeeze them and take whatever you get, Coeliac was one giant lemon believe me, even though I am still not officially diagnosed I have too many of the symptoms that whatever my diagnose I will continue to treat myself as being Coeliac. This illness has caused so many problems in my life, but by squeezing the lemon I have been able to play on my love of cooking, travel around that little bit more, review cafes and, the main thing I got from it, was a website that has proved more popular than I ever thought it would be and gives me a reason to go out and try new places.

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