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Hull Pie Ltd Gluten Free Pies and Competition

We have a fab competition for you courtesy of Hull Pie Ltd, you could win some delicious gluten free pies, enough to last you a year!

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Hull Pie Ltd Gluten Free Pies and Competition
Are you in the vicinity of Hull? If you are then the Hull Pie Ltd have a treat in store for you!

Over the last two years the Hull Pie Ltd have been working with gluten free customers to develop a gluten free range and from this month they finally have gluten free pies available on a consistent, ongoing basis. Matt, the owner, closed the Cottingham Road shop this month in order to turn it into a dedicated gluten free bakery, with gluten free pies being the priority.

At the moment the pies have to be pre-ordered and can be collected from their stores, or delivery is available for Hull postcodes, you can choose from 5 different flavours;
Succulent Steak
Chicken, Bacon and Leek
BBQ Pulled Pork
Curried Root Vegetable (Vegan)
Creamy Garlic Mushroom (Vegan)

However, we have some good news, Hull Pie Ltd are holding a competition in order to find a sixth delicious flavour.

You can enter the competition over on their website by filling in the form and suggesting your flavour of choice, the winner will win a years worth of pies (a pie a week). Slight catch though is you need to pick them up, so make sure you are able to collect from Hull if you want to stand a chance of winning.

If you are local and want to buy some fabulous pies, they can be preordered from the Hull Pie Ltd,A box of 4 pies costs £12.50 and can be frozen. Plus if you order before 31st January you get a free Gluten Free Brownie too. Again this service is only available to people who can collect, at the moment they don't offer a mail service but will hopefully have one soon! You can also sign up their mail order email list so that you will be the first to know when mail order service is up and running!

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