Gluten Free Lunch On The Go

Gluten Free Lunch On The Go

Do you need a quick guide for grabbing some quick food on the go? We have some suggestions of things you can get gluten free while on the move.
When you're out and about, sometimes you just want to grab something quick to eat on the go. As a Coeliac it's not always that easy to grab something quick of the shelves with many often resorting to grabbing a chocolate bar because it is the only thing that is gluten free on the shelves

Here is a quick guide to where you can grab some quick grub while out and out about.

For a lunch on the go Boots have started uping their game, they have a gluten free wrap which is part of their meal deal, they also have salads which are gluten free and since the beginning of January they have started making their sushi with tamari sauce and labelling it gluten free, so you have some good choices going on there.

Marks and Spencer
Sandwich from Marks and Spencer
Gluten Free sandwich from Marks and Spencer
Marks and Spencer have always been good with their gluten free and not just in their "made without" section, on their food to go section they usually have at least two different gluten free sandwiches on offer, bigger branches have been know to have up to five different sandwiches and a couple of wraps.

Since the new year they have also started doing a gluten free pasta salad but this seems to be in limited stores. You can also usually grab a gluten free crispy bar and nachos from the made without wheat range to go with the sandwiches.

If you find yourself near a Morrisons supermarket or Morrisons Local store you can grab a gluten free Tiffin bap from their food to go section, the choice is usually ham, cheese savoury or tuna. Morrisons also have a food on the go breakfast option with Perkier porridge oat pots.

Costa, Starbucks and Caffe Nero
We have wrote many blogs about the high street coffee store chains(including this one) before and what they have to offer that is gluten free. Yes they are expensive and don't have the best selection but when you're desperate...

Gluten free Christmas wrap at Costa
Gluten free Christmas wrap at Costa
Costa at the moment have a gluten free sandwich (it used to be a wrap but at the moment they have a sandwich in). If you can grab one while it is in stock, they only tend to keep a couple in each day so unfortunately you have to be quick.

Starbucks seem to be struggling in the gluten free department at the moment with many stores we've been in not even having a wrap, but if you are one of the lucky ones some branches are still stocking their gluten free wrap. The brownie though is not labelled gluten free anymore due to the labelling laws, but it still is gluten free if you ask for one wrapped fresh from the fridge, this is due to cross contamination issues once it's unwrapped, it is no longer gluten free so can't be labelled as such.

Caffe Nero have in a few goodies including a gluten free sandwich and also a few gluten free sweet treats for when you are on the go, not a great variety but better than nothing.

There is a lot of controversy around McDonalds but we can safely say we have spoke to no less that 5 branch managers and customer service staff too and always got the same responses, even when checking the allergy book ourselves and questioning about procedures.

You can have a big mac WITHOUT the bun, they usually prepare it in those little breakfast trays instead. You can also have fries as they are cooked in their own fryers (but double check at each branch just in case they have had anything like mozzarella sticks in, but usually they are designated fryers just for fries),veggie patties and hash browns are both also gluten free (in the UK we hasten to add, other countries may vary). Side Salads, carrot sticks and fruit bags are gluten free as expected.

If you fancy dessert Crunchie and Dairy Milk McFlurry's are gluten free and some of the specials too depending what they are. All of the drinks are gluten free EXCEPT cappuccino but that is because of the sprinkles, you can easy ask them to omit those.

There is plenty of questions in their question bank about gluten free too, including this one, if you are still not convinced you can eat anything from there talk to the store managers.

These are just a few places you can grab food on the go from, no doubt there are other places round and about you can get tid bits from. Don't forget there are also a wide range of cafes and restaurants that can cater to gluten free diets, to find independent venues in your area that can cater when you aren't in a rush check out our where to eat guide.

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brilliant thanks a lot for this

Sharon Eddleston - 19th January 2017

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