Gluten Free KitKat Santa's for Christmas

Gluten Free KitKat Santa's for Christmas

Gluten Free KitKat, not something you'd thought you'd see in the same sentence, but Nestle surprised us at Easter with their KitKat Easter Bunnies being gluten free, and they've just done it again with KitKat Santa's!

Posted On: 6th September 2020
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A few months ago, just before Easter, Nestle released a new KitKat variety, KitKat Easter Bunnies, a product most of us here would have probably ignored, but much to the surprise of the Coeliac community, these little KitKat Easter Bunnies were actually gluten free!

After Easter, these KitKat's obviously disappeared, now Nestle have now released another new KitKat variety, KitKat Santa’s for the run up to Christmas, these look like they’re exactly the same as the Easter Bunnies from earlier in the year but in a different mould, which means these are also gluten free!

If you are lucky enough to have had a KitKat in the past, then these won’t be exactly as you remember, despite these being the KitKat brand, these are more like normal chocolate with a just few crunchy balls in them.

Back at Easter the KitKat Easter Bunnies were available everywhere, so if you missed them last time round, you should have no trouble getting these new KitKat Santa’s from most shops and supermarkets, at the moment I've only seen them in Aldi, but as it gets closer to Christmas, they'll no doubt be available in more places if they're not already.

Unfortunately at the moment normal KitKat bars aren’t Gluten Free, but there are some good approximations you can get in the Free From aisles in the supermarkets, hopefully one day Nestle might release a gluten free biscuit that’s more like an original KitKat, we can keep our fingers crossed, right?

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But nasty Nestlé have terminated their agreement to use FairTrade chocolate in their KitKat bars.

Mike Lacey - 6th October 2020

The kitkat santa doesn't actually state it is gluten free on the packet.The Easter bunnies did

Samantha law - 7th October 2020

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