Gluten Free Fresh Bakery Bread in Sainsburys

Gluten Free Fresh Bakery Bread in Sainsburys

Sainsburys are releasing fresh bread into some of their in store bakeries, this in the first time Coeliacs will be able to but freshly cooked bread from the supermarket.
Today Sainsburys have started doing fresh gluten free bread in the bakery, baked instore. Similar to what Tesco did last year but seemed to phase out of most stores.

White Farmhouse Loaf
White Farmhouse Loaf
We took a trip to Archer Road Sainsburys in Sheffield as we knew for sure that is particular branch was stocking the bread from today, though I think we can assume if one store is doing it is it likely to have been introduced into most of the bigger stores (don't hold us to that though, we're trying to find out which stores are doing it),if not today then probably within the next week or so.

We weren't sure where exactly they were putting this new range so we went straight for the free from aisle, there we found signs saying "fresh gluten free bread available now in the bakery" so we went round to the fresh bakery aisle. The bread was on the top shelf (no crumbs from other baked stuff can drop on them from there) with gluten free labels all around and there wasn't just one variety as we were expecting but a whole shelf of different gluten free bread.

Seeded Baton Bread
Seeded Baton
The bread itself is cooked in the plastic wrap, they receive it in store uncooked in the plastic and then cook it in it so it isn't in contact with any cross contamination, the products are then sold in the plastic too.

The varieties available are:-
White Farmhouse Loaf
White Batons (1 in a pack)
White Rolls (2 in a pack)
Seeded Farmhouse Loaf
Seeded Baton (1 in a pack)
Seeded Rolls (2 in a pack)

All the bread is not only free from gluten but egg and milk too (as well as any other of the top 14 allergens) unlike a lot of gluten free bread.
White Rolls
White Rolls

We bought the white farmhouse and a pack of rolls and tried them both when we got home, we can confirm they are delicious almost like normal bread, really soft and tasty, not rock hard or too sweet like some of the gluten free bread. Prices range from £1.50 for a pack of two rolls and the batons, up to £2.30 for a loaf which is about on par with gluten free products unfortunately, they are worth the price unlike some of the other breads out there though.

Sainsburys have just provided this full list of all the stores stocking the new fresh baked bread, there is nearly 200 on the list that are part of the trial.

Aberdeen, Berryden Rd
Apsley Mills
Ashton Moss
Belfast, Forestside
Birmingham, Castle Vale
Birmingham, Maypole
Bishop Auckland
Bognor Regis
Bournemouth, Castlepoint
Bracknell, Bagshot Rd
Bradford On Avon
Brighton, Lewes Rd
Bristol, Castle Court
Burton On Trent
Bury St Edmunds
Camberley, Watchmoor Park
Cardiff, Colchester Ave
Cheltenham, Tewkesbury Rd
Clapham Common
Clifton Down
Coldhams Lane
Croydon, Purley Way
Eastbourne, Hampden Park
East Filton
East Grinstead
East Kilbride
East Mayne
Edinburgh Longstone
Exeter, Pinhoe Rd
Gillingham, Hempstead Valley
High Wycombe
Ilford, Newbury Park
Ipswich, Hadleigh Rd
Kings Lynn Hardwick
Leeds Colton
Leicester North
Liverpool, East Prescot Rd
Liverpool, Rice Lane
London, Abbey Wood
London, Colney
London, Cromwell Rd
London, Finchley Rd
London, New Cross Gate
Londonderry, Strand Rd
Mere Grn
Newcastle Under Lyme
Newton Abbot
North Cheam
Northampton, Weedon Rd
Norwich, Pound Lane
Norwich, Queens Rd
Nottingham, Arnold
Preston, Bamber Bridge
Rayleigh Weir
Sheffield, Archer Rd
Sheffield, Wadsley Bg
Solihull, Marshall Lake
Southampton, Hedge End
Southampton, Lords Hill
South Woodford
St Albans
St Leonards on Seas, Sedlescombe Rd
Stockport, Hazel Grove
Stockton on Tees, Whitehouse Farm
Streatham Common
Sunderland North
Sury Basin
Tunbridge Wells
Wakefield Ingsrd
Walton On Thames
Watford, Dome Roundabout
Welwyn Garden City
Whitley Bay
Winchmore Hill
Worthing, Lyons Farm

Your Comments

How can I find out which Sainsbury's stores do it?

Jenny - 26th January 2017
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 26th January 2017

You'd be best ringing your local or tweeting them on Twitter. We are trying to find out a list of which branches are doing them though.

When can we expect Prestwick and Irvine stores to start this gf bread please!

Marion drury - 31st January 2017
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 31st January 2017

Best contacting Sainsbury's and asking them, with it being a trial it could be a while before it is rolled out to more stores, but that depends on how well it sells elsewhere.

I have heard some wonderful comments about your gluten free Bread. I would love the opportunity to try some , however, you haven't put it in any of your Bath branches. It is very depressing that out of 4 branches you haven't given the people of Bath this wonderful gluten free Bread. I so would have brought some. I do have to say I love the new chilled gluten free items that you have put in Bath. Very kind regards Thelma Grimes.

Thelma Grimes - 1st February 2017
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 2nd February 2017

Hi Thelma, I'm afraid the bread is nothing to with us! I suggest you talk to the customer service team in your store on contact Sainsbury's direct to see if they can bring it into your local store. :)

I am terribly sorry, I don't know what I was doing. I just thought that your blog was from Sainsbury's. Thank you for all your hard work, informing us coeliacs of all the latest news out there. Very Kind Regards Thelma Grimes

Thelma Grimes - 2nd February 2017

Hi would like to know were and how i can get juvela fresh bread/ gluton free please. For my mam that lives in Harrogate to buy ethere on line or shop

Carol Dinsdale - 4th February 2017
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 5th February 2017

As far as I know Juvela is prescriptions only, but now prescriptions are stopping in a lot of places it is hard to come by. Your best bet would probably be somewhere like eBay or some online chemists have been known to stock it occasionally.

Hi, I have tried all of these selection of loaves and batons and i wanted to say how delicious they all are. I have eaten them on a number of occasions and they seem to be consistantly produced to a good standard. I have been coeliac for just over a year now and experimented with all shop bought bread and making my own but none of them have been any good so i stopped eating it all together untill now, Sainsburys have re-egnited my love for bread again and have made me very happy. Please help to keep this bread on their bakery shelves.

Tammy Smith - 12th February 2017

My daughter found this at the weekend when we were out supermarket shopping. Always dubious to try new breads as from past experience gluten free bread is either, hard, crumbly, tasteless or gritty. However its probably the best purchase I've made! This bread is amazing. I was diagnosed 9 years ago and this has to be one of the best new breads to come onto the market. It actually tastes like 'normal' bread as I remember it. I bought the white baton and it was so good I went back later to buy the white farmhouse loaf. Amazing! Even my family tried it and said how good it was. Please, please, please Sainsbury's keep this on the've got it right! Perfect!! Thank you from a very happy Coeliac.

Elaine Jakins - 19th February 2017

Hi i live in Dublin got the train to newry to your store Thair unfortunately they don't do the fresh bread in the bakery Thair do you know when and if will be doing it in this store in newry don't mind traveling for it or nearest store to it many thanks Tina Cummins

Tina Cummins - 25th March 2017
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 26th March 2017

Hi Tina, we aren't affiliated with Sainsburys in any way, you would be best contacting them to see if they have plans to bring it to a store near you :)

The Crayford store isn't actually selling it although it's on the list. We asked and it turns out they don't have the necessary ovens? The guy said they'd had a lot of people asking and while he seemed to very much know what he was talking about, the answer was that they didn't have it (which was sad).

Finn - 26th March 2017
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 27th March 2017

They are listed on Sainsburys list too so I'd be inclined to double check (it could be that they have stopped selling it) especially as all the other stores haven't had another oven, they are cooked in a special heat proof bag which they are also packed in the factory in and sold in.

Lovely bread Sainsbury's but could we look at the price having a coeliac in the family is so expensive

Chris - 15th May 2017

Since finding this bread my coeliac husband has been over the moon,finally we had found a bread that he could eat and enjoy..Nothing else has ever come close. We do an eighteen round trip to buy this bread. Well worth it.

Carol lawrence - 15th May 2017

I am loving the baked in store bread from Sainsbury’s, however where can I find calorie information please , as it is not available on the packaging?

Thank you


Jeanne - 21st April 2018
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 23rd April 2018

If you ask at the in store bakery they should be able to provide it.

Does anyone know the calorie content of an average slice of this?

LooniesMum - 4th June 2018
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 9th June 2018

Unfortunately the packet doesn't state the calorie content, best bet of finding out would probably be asking the bakery staff, they should have the info.

I have been a coeliac all my life. That’s a long time, finally Sainsbury’s have this wonderful fresh bread, I’m in heaven. ..They have just stopped it noooooo
The othe breads are free from beware coeliacs they still have traces of gluten in the range
My son in law is a consultant with chest and alergy problems, because my daughter is also a coeliac he did investigations and yes free from is not free from.

Tricia Askwith - 13th March 2019

Have Sainsburys slipped these excellent products off the shelves like Tesco did.
No stock of either White or Seeded loaves in all the stores around the M41 area for over a month now. One bakery person told me they had taken them off due to packaging issues. Can’t get any sensible response from the customer service dept.

Roy Brierley - 9th April 2019
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 10th April 2019

They have had an issue with packaging then an issue with product quality, they are slowly reappearing on shelves again.

I was told that the loaves were withdrawn permanently on health and safety grounds and won’t be coming back! Weird as they still sell the batons which I assume is the same recipe??

Mark Taylor - 19th May 2019
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 20th May 2019

Sorry I don't know about the batons. The only thing I know about the fresh bread is that is was discontinued due to Sainsburys not being satisfied with production after it was changed. Originally it was discontinued due to the labelling.

After all those trips into my local Sainsburys and also the trips I made out to other Sainsbury's stores in Sale and Salford and three emails to Sainsbury's Customer Services I have now managed to find out the truth which is they have discontinued the fresh bake Gluten Free Bread in all the stores up here.
Why could they not just come our and say it in the first place a save this Coeliac Sufferer all the running around trying to purchase some of this bread. They have gone the same way as Tesco and deleted.
I am so disappointed as it really was the very best Gluten Free bread that my daughter and I had ever tasted. I even submitted a question to Customer Services to see if I could order the loaves in bulk into store (they came in frozen) then there would be no waste, presuming that is why they stopped them. No reply.
Does anybody still have these fresh bakes available in your store. When I asked customer service where the closest store was where they were in stock and the reply was Birmingham !.
So Disappointed. We are back to having to eat the expensive, powdery, dry, crustless, cardboard tasting, crumbling sliced ready made bread.

Roy Brierley - 30th May 2019

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