"Gluten Free Ebola" and A Few Other Things

"Gluten Free Ebola" and A Few Other Things

Who watches South Park? Did you see the gluten free ebola episode? We take a look at it and talk about some other bits and bobs too.
I always feel like my blog has a bit of a negative feel too it, it always seems to me like I end up telling everyone about all the rubbish things going so, this time I promise I’m going to try not to do that, and going to talk about good things!

So let's see, I don;t know if it's actually a good thing but it's funny so I'll go with it. Last week's episode of South Park was entitled "Gluten Free Ebola", it was basically taking the mickey out of gluten free living but if you have a sense of humour and can make light out of Coeliac and gluten sensitivity then it's worth watching.

In essence one of the characters (Mr Mackey) decides to embark on a gluten free diet. Later a party is announced on the radio by the main characters, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny, leading to phone calls asking if there would be gluten free available to which they have no reply. Afterwards a scientist tries to falsify rumours that gluten isn't poisonous and ends up causing undesired effects to himself when he his forced to drink an extract of gluten from a sample of dough, this leads the town into a state of panic and the residents burn everything that contains gluten.

If you have the sort of humour needed to watch South Park then it is definitely worth a watch for the giggles, if you're 15 and over (at least I think that's the age limit on it),you can go check the episode out over on YouTube. Beware it does contain mens privates burning off...yeah you really do need the right sense of humour to watch it!

Over the last couple of weeks I have also heard that Tesco have released a few new gluten free products including an iced dessert, a mini party selection and crispy fishcakes, I know some stores have got them in already and I suspect any that don't already will be getting them very soon, if not make sure you bug the managers for them! I know I said I wasn't going to be negative but sorry, I have heard Marks and Spencers have cut their free from range down in some stores, and I have heard tell that their birthday cakes have been discontinued, hoping this isn't true but the dwindling of them in stores doesn't look good, also their new without wheat scotch eggs and quiches have stopped being stocked in some stores as they weren't selling well, hopefully they will continue to be sold in some branches though, it would be a shame to see them go.

However on a brighter note I believe Mrs Crimbles are working on some new products! Yay!

There will be some new stuff appearing on the website soon I hope. I am very busy at the moment due to starting a new job and I have a lot of concerts to go too (sorry, I'm a concert junkie),but I will be doing stuff on the site as and when I can. My review list is ever growing, and with going out a lot next week it is likely to grow more, so make sure you look out for new reviews, if I remember correcting I still have places in London and Nottingham along with some other locations, and next week will probably see Sheffield, Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester all added to the list! Also hoping to add some new recipes soon, I feel like my recipe section isn't big enough.

If you haven't found it yet there has been a map added to the Where To Eat page, by default you will go to the list view, but you can change at view the map just above the list, in the map everywhere I currently have in the database is listed, blue flags indicate somewhere which offers gluten free, a green flag is somewhere that has also been reviewed. You can also search by postcode or town on the map, thought it might be a handy little feature for you

Oh and on a final note, the website finally got to the top of google when you search "coeliac sanctuary", this makes me happy, but I know you don't care. See you all soon!

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