Gluten Free DC Comics Burgers and Sausages and Free From Doughnuts in Asda

Gluten Free DC Comics Burgers and Sausages and Free From Doughnuts in Asda

Asda have added some fab DC comics burgers and sausages into their freezers and they are all gluten free. The free from section also sees some gorgeous new products!

Posted On: 25th June 2018
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Over the weekend Asda have had some new products arrive in their freezers!

ABP Food Group have released a new DC Comics range of burgers and sausages into Asda, these are in the freezer but not in the free from section, they are with the burgers etc. However they are all labelled gluten free!

Gluten Free Wonder Woman Burgers
Gluten Free Wonder Woman Burgers
This range includes:
Wonder Woman Beef, Cheese and Bacon Burgers
Superman Beef and Cheese Burgers
Batman Beef Burgers
Batman Pork Chipolatas

All the burgers are priced at £2.50 for a box of 4 and sausages £2 for a pack of 10.

This new range of burgers are shaped like the logos of their superhero representatives and I think would be fab for kids (or big kids),something a bit different that you don't see often (if at all),especially the bacon, cheese and beef ones, they are usually bog standard burgers when it comes to frozen gluten free ones. They would be great on the BBQ during this hot weather!

These is also a range of sausages coming too, I couldn't find them in my store but they look fresh rather than frozen. Again they are part of the DC range made by ABP Food Group and will be in Asda and they are all labelled gluten free, but they may not be in yet.

Asda Free From Doughnuts
Asda Free From Doughnuts
These sausages are:
Batman Pork Sausages
Superman Pork and Baked Bean Sausages
Wonder Woman Cheese and Ketchup Sausages

Some of these DC products makes a nice change and I'm sure kids would love them. They aren't too full of rubbish like some burgers too, sure they aren't 100% beef but they don't contain much else other than beef, onion, gluten free breadcrumb and seasoning (that is in essence, there are a few other ingredients).

Also this week a few new products have found their way into Asda's free from freezer you can now find:

Gluten Free Doughnuts
Mozzarella Sticks
Chicken Kievs

The packaging on all three looks suspiciously like Tesco's packaging who stock exactly the same frozen free from items, presumably they are using the same supplier but it may just be coincidence!

It is nice to see donuts somewhere other than Tesco too, hopefully Asda keep expanding there gluten free range.

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