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Gluten Free Crackers Recalled

Mister Free'd have recalled a certain type of their crackers due to their gluten free crackers not actually being gluten free.

Added 20th September 2016
Updated 10th November 2020

Gluten Free Crackers Recalled
In the last few days the Food Standards Agency have recalled Mister Free'd Tomato and Oregano Crackers for not being gluten free despite being labelled as gluten free.

For a product to be classified as gluten free it has to go through vigorous tests to ensure the level of gluten falls below 20 parts per million (ppm) which is the level that is safe for Coeliacs to consume gluten (which is the reason barley malt vinegar is safe for Coeliacs if you didn't know!)

However in this product, which has been tested before to be labelled gluten free, has for some reason got through the factory with higher levels of gluten which is NOT safe for Coeliacs and cannot be labelled gluten free as it falls out of the boundaries of permitted levels.

The only product effected is the Tomato and Oregano Gluten Free Crackers with a pack size of 200g and dated Best Before 09/04/2017. If you have any of these lurking in your cupboard return them to point of sale for a full refund.

None of their other products has been effected so whatever has happened it appears to be an isolated incident restricted to this one batch. If you have any of the other flavours these are all fine for you to eat.

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